Greece does have restrictions on importing goods and imports with various countries. Greece law states a company that imports goods into Greece from a country with a lower tax rate must repay the 26% withholding tax (Trade barriers, 2022). To import to and from a registered trade license is required as per the business and be enlisted in the Trade and Company Register of the country (Import to Greece, 2022). Greece imports from various countries, being part of the European Union (EU), 57% come from EU Member States, Germany 12%, and Italy 9%, while outside the EU 8% from China and 6% from Russia (Greece). Greece has a relationship with countries inside and outside of Europe. Greece has a few import policies to be able to do business with them.


Greece has certain export policies and trade with several countries. To export to and from Greece a taxpayer needs to be enlisted with the Greece Tax Agency with a registered license as per the business that will take part in the trade (How to export from Greece, 2022). Greece shipped $57.4 billion worth of products around the globe in 2022, with the overall value of exports increasing by 21.5% resulting in $47.2 billion (Workman, 2023). Fifty percent of its exports were within the EU, with Italy and Germany being major partner contributors. Outside of the EU, Turkey is 4%, and the United States 4% (Greece- EU member country profile, 2023). Greece has a relationship with countries inside and outside of Europe to export various goods.

Our company will be exporting the Chemise overseas to the United States. It will be sold in local shops such as Etsy and other small businesses. The garment is sold in countries surrounding Greece such as Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. The product will get to the United States by cargo planes as needed to be sold in stores. It will be sold by exporting and the product will be shipped to the United States, exchanged for money.