Greece is developing itself with many technological advancements that are going to be beneficial and quite impressive for their society. Throughout the years the country has found ways to work with the means that go back to their “innovations in methodologies” which are the Minoan and Mycenaean technologies for metalwork and raw materials that have become a staple of the science and archeology seen throughout their history (Irby, 2021). However, the country’s skills and traditional use of tools and techniques are going to be challenged by the barriers of trade with the digital world. Greece’s information technology industry has had an impact on business with the use of patents and various claims with the rise of works in AI, cloud computing, or other software systems (Metallidou et al., 2020). Also, the Greek government has presented its support of tech innovations with national strategies that are meant to create “cost-effective” products for the science, health and wellness systems/markets which could be quite valuable (Barbosa et al., 2022) since such advancements are building for the future that could need them long term.

An area in which Greece has tried to use its technology to maneuver through is the manufacturing industries. Many Greek companies are said to be moving along the supply chain production when teaming up on upcoming designs and systems of new aerial tech that can help with international exporting (TBJ, 2023). Now with many more connections, e-retailing has essentially taken over and truly brings in profit with the business to business markets through research and everyday devices that give either start-ups or top of the line companies a boost (Angelakis, 2022). Seemingly, there are good efforts being brought in by crafters and retailers but that wouldn’t have been possible without the accessibility to numerous online platforms to communicate. Especially within the last few years Greek IT spaces have focused on updating remote sources for e-commerce by using data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to support online experience capabilities for teleconferencing, network sites, and more (Papouli et al., 2020). By Greece pushing for modern business assets or tech gear it can only lead to more rewarding breakthroughs.