A chemise, a ‘poukamiso’ is a loose long shirt and dress with long square sleeves and is often worn as an undergarment among men and women. Made from linen and cotton, the chemise is known for its flowing silhouette and its minimalistic design (Textile Glossary, 2023). Chemises are worn throughout Europe, since it is a known clothing item that can be found in various European countries. Countries such as France, often used chemises to show cultural ideas of the body, cleanliness, and purity, to make a person Christian (Power, n.d). Our chemises are going to be distributed in stores across European countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy and France. Countries with warmer weather are going to be consumed due to the chemise being lightweight and breathable making it comfortable to wear in a warm climate (Papathoma, 2019). Our chemises from Primeval Hellas, are different from the competition because we deliver chemises with unique patterns and different colors for any occasion.

We plan to distribute our chemises through export in exchange for money in small local shops, along with online selling on Etsy shops, as now more Americans are buying from small businesses. Americans prefer small businesses because they have unique products, offerings and customers have a different experience when shopping (Duley, 2022). Our target market is middle class millennials who are open to trying new things, prefer comfortable clothing, or are often wearing chemises for costumes. Though the chemises were used by men and women, chemises are more often seen in women as it can be used as a nightgown, undergarment and outerwear (Chemises, 2023). In addition to online selling, it is important for our product to arrive to the consumer in a fast and timely manner. UPS is the most reliable carrier as well as sending a package expedited with different price ranges (Sands, 2022). With a reliable carrier, customers are guaranteed their chemises on time with cost effective shipping prices.