Greece undoubtedly has quite intricate employment practices as they are based around creating good relationships. These practices truly depend on how employees and organizations participate in companies with “subsidiaries” management in Greece (Triantafillidou and Koutroukis, 2022). Therefore, the practices of employees depend on the setup or input that is taking place in the workspace. For example when the country faced its Recession, the youth unemployment rate was almost at 60% while those that were employed had part time and low pay jobs (Papadopoulos and Jones, 2023). That Greek staff was part of what aided in their bounce back and having established the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Practices which serves as the guidelines within many job settings was what left a mark in maintaining the economy (Katou et al., 2021). Understanding employment practices is where the focus should lie because determining how workers and the business are being affected is crucial for that lasting success.

The country has emphasized its attention in labor practices while working around existing routines and techniques to create new opportunities. The European Union has established changes for a Flexible Contractual Arrangements Index which would mean there is more likely a chance to make out the labor market reforms (Grekousis and Gialis, 2019). The European mega-region is striving towards “market-oriented and capital-based patterns” and Greece is one of many places that has migrant labor showcasing impressive stats and notable workspaces because of the modernization (Nori, 2021). Furthermore, there will always be a want for economic growth but that can’t be reached without making various accessibilities or accommodations in all fairness for the people that are working and those looking to get hired to keep the factors of production running. Therefore, having “employment flexibilization” is a necessary practice because the goal is to set up a work environment that protects everyone no matter what (Vlachou et al., 2018). Overall, the labor practices and labor law legislations are there for order and seemingly a real workspace can’t function without them for everyone’s safety, equality, and progress.