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strobe light

  shutter speed 8.0 aperture 16.0 I personally like this image the best because of how the strobe light creates such a beautiful composition, the mixing of the different colors makes it more appealing to the eye, and catches my … Continue reading

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2 best pictures

The photograph on the left creates an optical illusion that makes everything closer to camera lens appear bigger than what they really are in reality, the photograph somehow portrays innocence and creates a nice balance between the lower part and … Continue reading

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3 point lighting

key or main light is basically when the subject is facing directly to the camera and to get the best possible picture we look for the triangle of light which is the shadow that is casted by the nose. Background … Continue reading

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I believe this photograph is a good example of light and dark, I don’t remember the settings of the camera at the time of capturing the image, however we can see the subject in this case (the flower) in focus … Continue reading

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gallery report

Nick Brandt Nick Brandt is a photographer who does a lot of his work to get money for charity and help preserve the wildlife in africa, hence all of the photographs of africa’s wild animals. The emotional impact is huge, … Continue reading

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lighting direction

the lighting gives the sunflowers sort of a majestic feel to it, by focusing only on the flowers we are able to experience and see more of its beauty. The subject and the way lighting work in this picture kind … Continue reading

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comparing Daguerreotypes to modern photography

without a doubt, the invention of photography was a big step in the right direction, having the ability to be able to capture the moment, was and still is a big deal, in order to immortalize the moment and freeze … Continue reading

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homework #1 Jorge Agredo The photograph that caught my attention and mesmerized me in a certain way was “twin towers, study one, New York City, Usa, 1978” by photographer Michael Kenna. In the picture we can see the twin towers standing above Kenna … Continue reading

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photograph project

the reason why i picked this photo is because of how the color of the chair interacts with the color of nature, I think it creates a relationship between nature and an object made by man., the green of the … Continue reading

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