comparing Daguerreotypes to modern photography

without a doubt, the invention of photography was a big step in the right direction, having the ability to be able to capture the moment, was and still is a big deal, in order to immortalize the moment and freeze it, to have the ability to go back to it and look at it, to be able to remember that instant.

The creation of the Daguerreo certainly open that bridge that allowed people to capture the moment. Having the opportunity to watch the whole process and have in my hands a photograph that was made long before i was born was unique. We often take for granted the privilege without giving it importance to something that makes our lives a little better.

Daguerreotypes went though a whole different process that today’s photos go through, they took 20 seconds to capture, and preparing the plate was also a long procedure which we don’t have to worry about nowadays thanks to advances in technology. Daguerreotypes are a completely different experience, while in today’s world all we have to do is push the button and have our photograph made automatically by the camera. Obviously, the quality of a Daguerreotype wasn’t good and the size was a problem as well that we don’t face today with modern cameras. However, as mention before, having the ability to do it was ground breaking. In my opinion, by having the chance to discover how they’re made changes my whole perspective of how i see photography, I now know the privilege that we have now and how far photography has come ever since.

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