Adha CHAABANE’s Brooklyn Historical Society

Today’s field trip to the Brooklyn Historical Society was a great experience in term of getting a  brief history lesson about Photography and it’s evolution throughout time arriving to what’s available today. Starting from the daguerreotype, the old and first process of developing photographs. I was quite surprised and amazed of the long process of making daguerreotypes to have a simple photo that had a big value in that time, and I felt in the same time so grateful to technology and how it changes Photography today to just a simple click on the button in order to shoot pictures. the daguerreotype was made of a wooden frame and a surrounding copper metal piece of the photo. I think nowadays we don’t need all of that actually with the fancy advanced cameras that we have today; which make our job easy, but I still actually want to live the old way of the daguerreotype because in any case they are from the history and without passing from that stage we wouldn’t be able to come to where we are today. So both taking and viewing photos is a way easier than before.

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