gallery report

Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt is a photographer who does a lot of his work to get money for charity and help preserve the wildlife in africa, hence all of the photographs of africa’s wild animals. The emotional impact is huge, been able to see and have the chance of observing these wild creatures in their habitat is a great opportunity for us. By looking at pictures of beautiful elephants and then seeing photos of poachers posing with their bones creates a huge conflict inside of us, brandt enables us to think about issues that we know nothing about. I also believe the use of black and white creates a sad atmosphere which is what i think brand was aiming for, if he would’ve used color in his images, the impact of the pictures could have decreased, keeping in mind that black symbolizes “death” in our society. His use of shallow depth of field also creates a more beautiful photograph, and the variety of low angels, eye level and different techniques makes the pictures more successful as well. Out all of the galleries, I believe Brandt’s photographs were the most aesthetically beautiful and the ones that caused a bigger response in me.

Susan Derges

There is a pattern in her style which i like, I personally love when a person is consistent with their work and the way that it looks, not only in photography but in everything overall. I believe her work impacts the eye because of the contrast in color, many of her photographs are silhouettes rather than an actual image, her use of positive and negative space makes it more appealing to the eye. Her consistency in the style is noticeable even by someone whos never studied photography in any way whatsoever.  The emotional impact that these photos have had are not as big as nick brandts photos . However, the photographs create such a nice mood it actually made me relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.


Olivo Barbieri

The bright colors of the exhibit are the main factor that caught my attention, the white of the snow and the blue of the sky creates such a nice contrast, it’s even hard to take your eyes off of it. By creating such a good mood, the photographer sort of enables us to be in it. Barbieri managed to captured the view that excites the eye just by looking at it. He used shallow depth of field because everything appears to be in focus, enabling him to capture more detail in his pictures which is why makes them so successful. Also by having people in the photographs it gives us a sense of how big these mountains really are.


Philip de lorca

Out all of the photographers, De lorca had a lot of variety, with different people in them, different styles, different angles, different positions etc. However, I believe his photographs opened up a window to imagination as well, by him giving us the subject and the setting we could then elaborate and fabricate a story for each picture, keeping in mind the subjects of the photographs were male prostitutes. His photos are so diverse, you could see low angles, eye level etc, nevertheless, we could still found similarities and notice that feeling of consistency.


Robert Poloridi

Robert poloridi took pictures of the palace of versailles, his main purpose i believe was to portray and show the palace in an exciting way, even though it was mostly furniture and rooms. The use of vivid and warm colors in his photographs also make it more appealing to the eye as well. Everything in his photographs are in focus which enables us to see more of the room and allow us to observe more details of the setting. However, he wasn’t my favorite overall.


Irving Penn

Irving Penn was mostly known for the photographs he took for the widely known vogue magazine. his subjects were models which doesn’t cause in me an emotional impact which is at the end what i enjoy the most when i look at pictures. The exhibit consisted extensively of the work he did for vogue magazine as stated before, a lot of it which was in black and white, but in recent years his photograph style seemed to have shifted towards photos with more color which creates more contrast and in my opinion more drama in a sense. He also portrayed food in his pictures as art and therefore took the photographs in an artistic way.

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