Adha’s Final Evaluation

There is no doubt that I have learned a lot in this class; which will actually help me out in the future and improve my designing skills as well as my knowledge in the field, but also have a wide vision of any job that involves photography and anticipate anything that would help in doing it in a professional way.

The first factor involved in photography is the light. Light is the most important factor in photography whether working outdoor with daylight or indoor in a studio. Light and its use can change dramatically the whole scene. I found working with broad and short light for instance shooting portraits changes everything in the portrait and its mood. I think working in a studio allowed me to learn different lighting techniques such as broad light, short light, front light, backlight and sidelight.

The second concept I have learned in this class is shutter speed, and its impact on the photos. Shutter speed is related to depth of field and ISO. I remember our trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and shooting the water fountain, in the beginning I couldn’t get sharp drop of water until I fixed my shutter speed, that was amazing how the drops came out sharp when I adjusted the shutter speed to 1/200 of a second. Here is the rule of thumb no less than 1/60 in shutter speed.

The third surprising tool I learned in this class is how camera raw techniques can enhance photos quality. Editing and retouching pictures in camera raw is now replacing Photoshop and photographers do no longer need Photoshop in order to do the edit their shoots. Camera raw now is more advanced photo editing tool that I really have to improve my skills deeply on it.

The last thing I’d like to mention in photography, it is better to get photographs right from the first time and minimize editing in camera raw or Photoshop; that’s what I call being a professional.

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