Final Evaluation

A few of the concepts I learned in this class have help me improve on the way I take photographs.

The First concept is how to use light to create an ambient and help portrait the feeling of the picture. The light could be a short light or broad light both giving a different feel on the pictures, also we could use a single strobe light to reflect a sad or mysteries feeling. when it comes to outdoor light its more different than a studio environment and have to be more aware of the soundings.

Another concept I’ve learn in this class was the rule of thirds. When we want to take a photograph it does not have to have the subject on the middle, instead we could make it more interesting by leaving a space in between the subject and the rest of the composition. This does not mean that a picture with the subject on the front is necessarily bad. It all depends on what the subject is and what is the message trying to be shown on the picture.

One of my personal favorite concepts is depth of field. A subject thats close to the camera could show all of its details and obscure the background to bring the attention to the subject. this could be manage with the aperture. An extensive depth of field is a little more complicated and requires more knowledge to get the results desire.

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