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Adha’s Final Evaluation

There is no doubt that I have learned a lot in this class; which will actually help me out in the future and improve my designing skills as well as my knowledge in the field, but also have a wide … Continue reading

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Painting with light

  I chose this one as my favorite because I it reminds me of a sad  thing when my best friend passed away a couple years ago in an accident, and  this pic looks exactly like the silhouette that the … Continue reading

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Portraits Basics

Today’s studio experiment let us discover three point of lighting: the main light, the fill light and the background light. The main light or the key light is used to shoot bright portraits pictures where the light is pointed towards … Continue reading

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Gallery report

Pace Gallery: Irving Penn, On Assignment When I just walked into the gallery, and saw some Vogue old magazines, I said to myself that this guy has to be a special artist, and there is no doubt about that since … Continue reading

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LL4-Lighting Direction

  This is my favorite photo of today’s class and it was taken with a side light spotlight. The lighting from the side in this particular shoot was successful because it really brings out the texture of the petals and … Continue reading

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Adha CHAABANE’s Brooklyn Historical Society

Today’s field trip to the Brooklyn Historical Society was a great experience in term of getting a  brief history lesson about Photography and it’s evolution throughout time arriving to what’s available today. Starting from the daguerreotype, the old and first … Continue reading

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Michael Kenna caught my attention and impressed me by his set of black and white photos of New York. I picked this unique photo “Wall painting, New York, New York, USA, 2013” under this link= (picture #3). My first interpretation … Continue reading

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