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This article is very important to read. Something like this us very serious and can effect any restaurant. The article talks about a salmonella outbreak in a restaurant in North Carolina. This is why I am very cautious. I am constantly cleaning up and always washing my hands. I  also ensure that my fellow coworkers are also following the  sanitation guidelines to ensure something like that doesn’t happen at my place of business.

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  1. Tory says:

    I agree with you Eddie. I cannot stress enough in my kitchen the importance of hand washing and the negative outcomes of cross contamination. I hope to never get Salmonella poisoning. good article!

    • Can you draw from the article to relate your experiences. No one want to have salmonella poisoning but what impact does it make professionally. There are responsibility we hold when feeding the public.

      • Tory says:

        The professional impact of a salmonella poisoning at your restaurant can mean that your restaurant will be shut down by the health department, your regular customers may never return to the restaurant if you get to open up again and lost profits. There is a huge responsibility when feeding the public and rules must be in place for employees to follow. I will say I have witnessed people touching raw food and then touching cooked food with hand washing or changing of gloves. I try to lead by example.

  2. samson says:

    Food poisoning is one of the worst thing to happen to a customer and an establishment. In most cases there are no warning signs, it is until the effects of it or symptoms appear that a corrective action of tracing back starts to identify the source and also the extent of the damage. Whereas the customer suffers from the infection, the establishment suffers from bad reputation, as the customer loses wages from the sickness the establishment loses revenue. As the customers slows down and stays at home recuperating, the business undergoes a slump as customers avoid the establishment until it is cleared. As the customer is isolated due to the infection the establishment also suffers isolation from the bad reputation.
    Food poisoning is one of the threat that affects both the customer business and establishments. The good part is that this risk can be minimized or all together eliminated by observing the updated hygiene and sanitation standards and practices.

    • Thinking of the work you did this semester regarding the fish budget and history it makes me realize all the various important considerations necessary to manage a vibrant and flourishing organization.

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