The League of Kitchens is a UN of cooking, teaching international cuisine.


“We’re hiring people who have a deep knowledge of their culinary tradition, and who are warm hosts and willing to host groups of Americans in their homes.”-Lisa Gross founder of League of Kitchens.

This article is about a new culinary start up program founded by artist Lisa Gross who missed out on learning to make her Korean grandmother’s food. So, with this yearning she decided to hire a Korean grandmother to teach her how to cook especially recipes that you will not find in a restaurant. Gross, came up with the concept of finding grandmothers of various nations and hiring them to teach cooking classes to those who are interested. More and more people are shying away from standard cooking schools that teach just the basics. People want to experience other cultures through food and word. Last month our Asian Executive chef hosted Asia night and went into great detail the history of Asian cuisine and did a show and tell of the major ingredients being used that night. Out of all the nights I have interned, this is the night where students were the most involved and thoroughly enjoyed making maki rolls and such.

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