Make it Work : The Zen of Event Planning

This is a valuable article about the truth of the event planning industry.  Being an event planner you have to know that nothing will go perfect and you will experience ups and downs of the business.   If you love being an event planner, you have to make things work and strive for excellence.  Some of the tips that I found valuable in the article are face -to -face contacts with perspective clients and customers is important you need to make connections and open the doors of opportunity.  Another tip I found valuable is the importance of small details. Clients and guests of an event may not notice every little detail but to an event planner if it’s not perfect, it can threaten to ruin the event.


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  1. samson says:

    “Even in the digital age, business keep circling back to the importance of face-to-face contact with their prospective customers and clients. They want to see a smile and feel the strength of a prospective partner’s handshake. That is what the meetings and events industry is all about.” This quote in the article sums up the entire and the essence of the hospitality industry. As much as we appreciate the role of technology, when all is said and done, it is that moment of face-to-face that lingers or lasts forever more. It is at that moment of face-to-face that decisions are made consciously and unconsciously, it is at that moment that biases and mindsets are affirmed or erased, it is at that moment when fears are confirmed or found to be baseless, it is at that moment that the right connections are established, it is at that moment when people are appreciated or their contacts erased, it is at that moment that one proves themselves worthy or unworthy of consideration, it is at that moment that deals are cut, it is at that moment when new partnerships are formed. It cant be said better: meetings is business.

    • As we bury our heads in electronics all day long it is the person contact that we will seek on a greater and greater basis. It is our industry that will do that. We have all chosen a great profession (and one that will continue to employ us for a long time to come).

  2. Moemu Seo says:

    I’ve never considered event planning as a possible career path and I have never taken any event planning classes so this was an interesting outlook for me. There’s a lot of tension and nerves and having to be a perfectionist despite certain circumstances that I’ve never even thought about. I’d imagine this is all rewarding in the end for someone who finds passion in coordinating events for other people.

  3. Tory says:

    At my internship I learned a lot about events and how paying attention to detail is crucial for the final presentation. Event planning is not an easy job at all even if it is for less than 50 people but the real reward comes when you see that all of your clients are happy and having a good time. You definitely have to be passionate about making other people feel happy as these happy clients refer you to new clients.

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