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36 hours in the Brooklyn Waterfront

36 hours in the Brooklyn waterfront

Crossing bridges to another side of New York City, a home to activities, attractions and known best for; waterside dining.

A home for a more out of zone area to visit beyond the street of the lower Manhattan is the Brooklyn waterfront. A sense of exclusivity with some much to see, history, back to the 19th century when the Brooklyn waterfront served as a waterway for imports and exports as well a refuge for immigrants. With so much culture brought in there was great diversity, there is more to Brooklyn than you’d think.



Once at the waterfront head straight down to the Brooklyn Crab. With a second floor deck overlooking the New York harbor the Brooklyn crab serve the freshest seafood, coming from the Atlantic coast down to the Gulf of Mexico. Brooklyn crab also host Reed Park with game options of miniature golf, shuffle board, sandboxes and more. The park is great way to spend an afternoon at a family outing or for outdoor drinking. Try there Faroe Island Salmon with a maple Dijon glaze ($19) to have you going back for more. When the sun is at its peak in your in time for happy hour with afternoon scenery, $1 oysters and $4 Narragansett with a great view of the New York Bay located down Van Brunt Street in Red Hook make a right to what may appear as desert between Conover.

Photo Credit: Arya Soeraa


5:30 P.M. BAKED

From biscotties to brownies to cookies, marshmallows and granola, Baked NYC has been sure to deliver the ultimate American bakery experience. They offer savory breakfasts and lunch, delicious slices of cake, cupcakes, various pies (seasonal ones too) and the aroma that fills the air when you walk into the shop is like revisiting your childhood during the fall no matter the time of the year you visit.


Located in 121 Columbia Street, a back patio with a mellow feel to it as the front patio where seats are overlooking Manhattan is known as The Hop Shop. Known for the list of beers on tap and incredible bottle list, you’re left with a great impression of service and surprising verity of drinks.  This bar is supplied with beers and bottles from all over the United States. For a simple setting new comer are skeptical about where they’re walking into. On tap they have 13 beers for selection and bottles you can purchase by glass ($8) and by bottle ($35). They also serve hot dogs and from a Queso dog; cheese sauce with jalapeno & tomato, tortilla chips, and cilantro ($7) to a Naked dog; dressed with ketchup, mustard, red onion, or relish ($3) all of which there hot dogs are supplied by “The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company.”



Thai noodles, fried rice, dumplings, soups and delicious entrees, at Teeda Thai Cuisine. Not only is there a great variety in the appetizers priced no more than $8 for dumplings, rolls or calamari, but there are various salads to choose from to accompany any of your heavier chicken, beef, duck, shrimp, fish, or vegetarian entrees ($15). The food uses rich spices that give all the dishes a nice kick, and for the prices listed at an area that isn’t a huge travel to and from the water, it’s definitely worth visiting.


Photo credit: Arya Soeraa


One of the biggest gems right by the Brooklyn waters is the Red Hook Lobster Pound. Although it’s located in an area cut off from some of Brooklyn and requires a little adventuring, It’s definitely been a hot spot for anyone looking for a great deal on seafood. Most of the freshly made dishes are priced under ($20) be it an appetizer or sandwich, and entrees fall right under ($30), while the desserts and sides are all under ($10). What’s better than your favorite choice of crab or lobster meat, an order mac and cheese or potato salad on the side and funnel cake to top it off?


If you’re looking to make a sunny summer’s day feel even warmer and sunnier, or even a cold winter’s day feel like a Christmas dinner night at grandma’s, “Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies” is the place to be. The aroma and cozy ambiance allows the rich, fresh baked pies to fill the air and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The pies range ($5-$30) depending on the serving size and the three varying “swingles”, also known as frozen slices of pie dipped in chocolate on a stick, are a must-have for any pie enthusiast willing to try something new.

8:00 P.M DINE

Cozy, inviting little Italian spot that doesn’t stray too far from the waterfront, Ferdinando’s Focacceria is a convenient and inexpensive restaurant to visit. The food is authentic and fresh and can be sensed as soon as you walk in. The pastas, salads, and appetizers fall under or at most $20 and the entrees still under $25). The herbs, spices and sauces used to marinate the ingredients together keep the taste buds jumping ($6), the cannoli as a dessert are to die for.



The River Café

A classier night out at location with great scenery would be this little hotspot here. Located right under the Brooklyn bridge, there is a breathtaking view of the water all throughout the restaurant and the food makes the experience that much better. Whether you seat in for a cup of coffee, brunch or lunch for a quick salad or ceviche, or are in the mood for a calm dinner, you can’t go wrong with the salmon. A way to start the a new day with a warm morning.

Photo Credit: Arya Soeraa


Seeking for authentic Mexican food with a rooftop dining experience. Alma, spanish for soul is part of the culture in Brooklyn, a three floor restaurant built from the ground up.  Alma’s is a landmark the NYC dining scene and the dishes are made to give you a feel for what real Mexican food is like. The spices used to season the meats are smoky and spicy enough without being overbearing, the tacos and tequila are plentiful, plus the Taco Tuesday deals of two tacos and a margarita ($13).


A place to unwind with a nice aged glass of wine, this country-styled winery is going to be the place to fulfill that craving. is the Red Hook Winery. The tasting room is open daily from noon to 6pm, are $15 a person and include four different wines. Whether you are team white wine or red wine, there are options for everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re new to wine tasting or are already a wine-enthusiast, it’s a great way to diversify your taste pallet and figure out which sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry, and dry wines are worth giving a try.



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36 Hours Brooklyn Water Front

An enjoyable meal makes just about anybody’s day. Whether it be Brooklyn Crab or Ferdinando’s Focacceria, the waterfront strip clutters together delicious and diverse foods from around the world. If you are traveling with a family of five or two, a couple, or by yourself, there is so much to add to your own list of culinary experiences.


1) 12:05 pm. Phil’s Crummy Corner 

    Phil’s Crummy Corner is a place like no other, a perfect place for lunch and dinner. Going there, you’ll get an arsenal of starters such as fried shrimp costing $7.00, chicken tenders also at the same price, or a turnover that costs $5.00 and has the following: shrimp, lobster, beef, chicken, octopus, conch, cheese, pizza. Next, you can get salads & sandwiches like the Crummy Cheeseburger ($9.00) and Phil’s Crummy Salad ($10.00), dinner plates of Steak with Onions ($10.00) or Pork Chops that you can order fried or stewed ($10.00). sides orders of Rice & Beans ($5.00) or Avocado ($5.00), and desserts that are both Cheesecake and Flan (Both are $3.00).

2) 4:45 pm. Petite Crevette 

The Seafood restaurant, Petite Crevette has all your seafood needs and wants. Like Phil’sCrevette gives you starters like Crab Corn Chowder ($8.00) or Tuna Carpaccio ($10.00). Their Entrees served with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable Medley are deliciously fulfilling, a prime example is the Salmon Or Tuna Burger with wasabi mayonnaise ($14.00) and Mustard Crusted Salmon ($19.00). You can buy whole fish too at Petite Crevette, fishes like Porgy, Red Snapper or even Dorado (in order $24.00, $24.00, $25.00).


3) 12:35 pm. Waterfront Ale House 

The Ale House is an amazing place for lunch, debatably even better than Phil’s Crummy Corner. I say this because of it Lunch Special. The Lunch Special gives you the option of beverages ranging from coffee, tap beer and, soda. The meals that is part of the special are Portabello Mushroom Sandwich, Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Veggie Burger, Pulled Pig Sandwich, Southwestern Chopped Salad with chicken, Santa Fe Chicken Wrap, Mixed Green Caesar Salad with chicken, Texas Beef & Pork Chili, and Vegetarian Chili. All of this at the cost of eating in, hours available are 11am to 3pm, and $11.50.


4) 12:25 pm. Pok Pok Ny

Pok Pok Ny is definitely the go to place for lunch. A Northern Thai restaurant that require no reservations at all, and with a waterfront spot garden. Located at 117 Columbia St, guests can buy the Jin Hoom Neua at the price of $15.50. A spicy beef shin stew containing dry chiles, turmeric, onions, coriander root, lemongrass, lime leaf, carrots, and galangal. At $15.00, guests can buy Yam Samun Phrai, an herbal salad version of Chiang Mai that has dry shrimp, ground pork, fried shallots, cashews, peanuts, betel leaf, basil, lime leaf, lemongrass, sawtooth, sesame seeds, white turmeric, carrot, parsnip, and Thai chiles coated in mild coconut milk dressing. 

5) 2:30 pm. Alma 

For tasty dinner night goodness, visit the Mexican restaurant, ground-floor bar and all year around roof deck of the view of Manhattan, Alma. Located at 187 Columbia St, guests can enjoy their Tacos de Camaron (Shrimp Tacos) that contain rock shrimp that is sauteed with shallots, chipotle aioli with red cabbage, garlic, coconut milk, and corn tortillas. All at the cost of thirteen dollars ($13.00). Another dish that will get your mouth watering is Pollo Asada (Roasted Chicken) that contains grilled chicken breast, chipotle mayo, guacamole, lettuce, and roasted tomatoes; the total price is at $11.00.

LODGING (Hotels.com):

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Brooklyn (181 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States, 866-229-1260). A very straightforward hotel that is no more than 6 minutes away from the Union Street subway station, 1.2 miles from Downtown Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Museum is 1.8 miles away. Rates start at $125 now.

36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront

36 (2)

Explore Brooklyn’s Waterfront and its many different views throughout the various towns.

Coney Island Art Walls Janelle Victor

A summer trip would have to be the absolute best time to visit NYC. Where the days are longer, due to the sun setting between 8 and 9pm. The energy is amazing, from tourists to locals, the mood can be felt as pure happiness. The Brooklyn Waterfront consists of many different towns, including Williamsburg, Red Hook, Dumbo, Coney Island and plenty more. Each location offers different amazing experiences and views of the beautiful city.


Who doesn’t love Chocolate? Kick off your trip by visiting Roaka Chocolate factory, which might bring some flashbacks from Willie Wonker and his factory. Here you will not only learn, but see firsthand, how chocolate is made. From beans to bars you’ll see the transformation and of course do various tastings along the way. Admission will run you ($10) but be sure to book a tour ahead of time to secure this unique experience. Afterwards Head town to BWAC, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition is Brooklyn’s largest artist-run organization. You can view works of art made by local artists, who if you go on the right day, can even meet these artists, Tons of exhibits to see, also be sure to take a viewing of the outdoor sculpture show.

Brooklyn Ice House Bar, Red Hook Janelle Victor

2) 4:30 P.M. LUNCH ON ICE

Time to drink. Head to Brooklyn Ice House. Where you’ll find distressed wood benches and vines on the buildings in its patio. You’ll also see various signs and drawings that will cause you to chuckle while you dine. Happy hour lasts a full 8 hours, between 12:00 P.M. – 8:00 P. M so you’d want to take advantage and get any cocktail for just ($10) or Beer for ($4) They probably have the most original Quesadilla, with pulled pork and ranch sauce. Highly recommended and it’s just ($10). After this tasty quick meal, you’ll be ready to truly see Brooklyn.


Before the sun sets, be sure to visit the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge. Some consider it The Floating Museum” It is quite an experience just to see. After entering the Barge, you can learn some very significant history of what and how it was used over 100 years ago. Afterwards, be sure to take a walk through Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier and soak in the sunset with amazing views of the NYC skyline, more specifically the Statue of Liberty. In the summer months of July and August. You can catch a movie under the stars with the Red Hook Flicks free movie viewings. Afterwards take a nice stroll to Calexico for a quick bite. This food truck turned restaurant is a neighborhood favorite. Here you can try various kinds of tacos that are surprisingly large in size and flavor. Be sure to try the Chipotle pork tacos. ($11) While ordering you might spot some spicy peanuts at the counter. Give them a try, they will keep you wanting more.


What better way to end the night off than with some music and entertainment. Head down to Sunset Park to Sev Studio Lounge where you can get a great feel for Brooklyn’s nightlife. The atmosphere is fun with its neon lighting. Grab a drink at the bar and relax or head down to the Game room where you can Play pool (Free of charge). If you’re lucky they will be offering Open Mic, and you can join the entertainment by singing, reciting poetry or even standup comedy.

5) 9:30 A.M. RISE AND FISH

Get an early start to your day and head down to Coney Island for a full day packed of fun. Wear a swimsuit; pack a change of clothes, a camera and a full appetite. Bright and early, stop at Tom’s Coney Island for breakfast. An old fashioned diner with outdoor seating, that’s sure to give you a nice relaxed feel. Try their banana nut pancakes and pastrami omelet for ($20.85) after this, you’ll be more than ready to start your day. Take a walk down to the New York Aquarium at Coney Island. Last entry is at 3:30 P.M so early arrival is suggested. There is plenty to see. From outdoor spaces of Sea Cliffs to a 4D theatre that makes you feel like you are actually underwater. Admission is ($10.95).

Coney Island Art Walls Janelle Victor


Luna Park, of Coney Island awaits you. Enter this amusement park (free of charge) stroll through and site see or purchase credits (1 for $1) to pick select rides to go on or games to play. From roller coasters to carnival games and cotton candy, this attraction is a must see. This year is the 90th anniversary of the historic rollercoaster, Cyclone. There
will be tons of celebrations in honor of it. So take advantage, get a drawing f yourself and other fun souvenirs. Afterwards walk over to Coney Island Art Walls, “The outdoor museum of street art” (coneyartwalls.com) Here you can get lost in a maze of artistic walls, featuring both old and new art and sculptures. It’s a perfect place for photo ops, you can also find local food trucks to catch a quick bite for lunch, or you can walk a few minutes to the Nathans Famous Hot dog restaurant. Not your ordinary hot dog, Nathans has been around since 1916 and is widely loved, especially here at Coney Island. It’s said your trip is not complete without it. Order 2 hot dogs for ($8.90) choose between regular, cheese, chili and other options. Guaranteed the bed hot dog you’ll ever have.

7) 5:30 P.M. BEACHWALK

In most places, this would be a late time to go to the beach, but here in Brooklyn, it’s actually the perfect time. It’s not as hot as it is earlier in the day and also less crowded. So after a day exploring Coney Island, it’s time to take a breather. Lay out a towel and soak in the sun at Brighton Beach. You can relax while getting an amazing view of Luna Park, and can say you were just there. Take a dip in the cold water and enjoy the waves. Afterwards, wash off with the public fountains and feel free to change clothes in the public restrooms. Take a walk on the Riegelmann Boardwalk, where you’ll see tons of venders and shops, Varity of games to play, souvenir shops and so much more. Be sure to purchase an Italian icy from a vendor.


After wondering the boardwalk, and Of course building an appetite, make a stop at Place to Beach where you can dine outdoors on the boardwalk with its beachfront seating, and catch a beautiful view of the sunset, while listening to live music. It’s known for it’s frozen margaritas ($12) so be sure to try one of their unique flavors from sour apple to red chili or cucumber. Pair it with their selection of burgers or quesadillas. After diner, hold on to your seats, you’ll see the locals gathering on the boardwalk to view fireworks. You’ll have a perfect view.

9) 10:00 P.M. KAREOKE

Your Jam packed day at Coney Island wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the nightlife. After the spectacular view of fireworks, head down to Mermaid Lounge, where you can not only dance, but sing the night away as well. This Karaoke bar will be sure to give you an exciting experience.

View of the Williamsburg Bridge from The East River state Park. Janelle Victor


Start your day off like a true New Yorker, with a nice cup of coffee. Head to Blue Bottle Coffee shop on Berry Street in Williamsburg, where you can get a vintage feel setting while receiving quality brew. Try a macchiato ($3) or if you’re a cold coffee lover, try the New Orleans iced coffee ($4) Grab a seat outside and view the locals walking by. Afterwards head down to the Williamsburg waterfront to Smorgasburg. Here you will find tons of vendors selling various items from food to jewelry. Be sure to try some Food Mash-Ups, (dishes created using 2 different elements) like a Romen Burger or a Spaghetti Donut. While browsing through the different venders you’ll also get an amazing view of the NYC skyline.


On a hot afternoon, ice cream is always a must. And so is OddFellows Ice cream shop. Here you’ll get wowed to feel as if you are in an old school ice cream shop, from the bright color and décor to the staff’s uniforms. The ice cream flavors change often, but if you’re lucky, some of their unique flavors like, Thai Iced Tea and Carrot Cake Cream Cheese, will be available. Take your delicious ice cream to go and go for a riverside stroll down to the East River State Park. Do some relaxing with breathtaking views. The park has plenty of benches where you can sit and chat, or grab a riverside rock and have a seat. The water is nice and calm, as your experience is sure to be.

12) 3:00 P.M. SHOP AND DINE

Williamsburg is the perfect place to find some of Brooklyn’s most original fashions. Head to the iconic vintage shop, Beacon’s Closet, Or for some contemporary finds, head to Pinkyotto and Gant. For jewelry, head to Catbird. Afterwards, head to Glasserie, for your last meal in Brooklyn. This Mediterranean restaurant is sure to leave you pleased. Try the popular dish, Caramelized Chicken Liver and Fried Spring Harvest ($18) Pair with their original cocktail, Persian Gold, made with Gin, Saffron, Lemon, and Q Tonic ($12) and if you have room for dessert, A must try is the Rose Milk Custard, Pistachio and Apple ($11)


The Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe ave, 800-491-6126; wythehotel.com) This 70 room hotel has a perfect view of the Williamsburg waterfront and was constructed in 1901. Rates start at $295

For stays close to Coney Island Wyndham Garden Brooklyn Sunset Park (457 39th Street, 718-972-0900; www.wyndhamhotels.com) Easy access to NYC transit and a 5v minute drive to Coney Island beach and boardwalk. Rates begin at $199

36 Hours in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

36 Hours in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.



                                   Cobble Hill you can find many places to eat and to relax yourself.

                                   Together with the fresh air of the nature.

A view of the everyday traffic of the ” Cobble hill” neighborhood in the Atlantic ave. Brooklyn. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

It’s there been a big change since the last centuries in the Cobble Hill Neighborhood. Tourist and other visitors from other cities in the united states have come to visit “Cobble Hill” One of the best parts to eat a good plate, and to relax in a beautiful park having the view of Manhattan. Also, to learn more about the history of the “Brooklyn Water Front”.



The entrance to the lobby of Holiday inn hotel. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Holiday inn hotel Brooklyn, Downton. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.


          To start the trip from the Cobble Hill Neighborhood, take a walk from the “Holiday inn Brooklyn Downtown, Hotel to Yemen Cafe to get on fire with a great cup of coffee and yemeni food; which its middle eastern food but in brooklyn. look at the menu try a
“Shak-Shookah” a plate of Scrambled eggs with sauteed tomatoes , onion & parsley served with warm clay oven bread for the price of $10.95. with a Yemen Coffee ($2.00) . sound good right? all that just for $13.95. Yemen Cafe its always busy and when a place its must of the times full of people its because of the good service. their staffs are very focus of all your needs as a customer that’s the best part.

2) 5:00 P.M. Take walk to the history.

Cobble Hill Park. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Cobble Hill Park. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Cobble Hill Park. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Cobble Hill Park. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

The Congress St. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

         Take a walk to the Cobble Hill Park Located on Clinton Street Between Verandah Place and congress street, was created in 1965. The Park was the location of two mansions which were the “Weber and Whitten” Mansions. And a church that was abandoned in the 1940. When the entire place was purchased by the Bohack Corporation, a Supermarket Chain. They were about to build a supermarket but the community of Cobble Hill were against it. So they collected signatures to created a park. The Park was Rebuild in 1989, And won the Annual Award for Excellence in Design from the Art Commission. The Park have dozens of benches where you can read and relax. Also, you can get wifi from there too. The Cobble Hill Park it’s a place where you can be in calm and read a book or have a nice chat with somebody together with the sound of the nature  and the fresh air coming from the water. Then, you can visit another park for recreation where you can place baseball, tennis and basketball and you can see part of the view of Manhattan and the same Brooklyn its called the “Van Vorhees Park” which its just 2 blocks from the cobble hill park in the same congress street.

Van Voorhees Park. Rafael.Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Van Voorhees Park, tennis court. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Van Voorhees Park, Basketball Court. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Van Voorhees Park, The Baseball field. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

3) 7:00 P.M. Still 5 de mayo!! and hungry!!!!

Let’s go to eat At La Vara which is a spanish restaurant located at clinton st next to the cobble hill park. La Vara its a spanish restaurant with Moorish & Jewish influences draw crowds to the stylish storefront restaurant. and their prices are pretty good between ($3.00 to 30$) one of their best plates its the Conejo en Escabeche stuffed rabbit loin, sweet onion vinaigrette, prunes, olives, saffron

An alley way to the restaurant la vara. Rafael Dominguez. The New York Times.

La Vara Restaurant. Rafael Dominguez. The New York Times.


(4) 11:00 A.M. Go Shopping.

Take a walk to Atlantic avenue to the “Urban Outfitters”  where you can find a nice outfit and one of the best customer service ever, the workers are very friendly and they even help you out to choosing what you want. The Prices are good , they always have cloth from different times including the 70,80,90, and so on.. Also, they have some funniest books.

The Urban Outfitters Women Clothing, Men Clothing and home decoration. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Urban Outfitters Men’s Area. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

Urban Outfitters Women Area. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times.

The Front of the “Urban Outfitters”. Rafael Dominguez/ The New York Times..


(6) 4:00 P.M. get a massage!

After eating do something to relax yourself get a massage go back to Atlantic avenue go to “II Nail & Spa” which price are acceptable and you can get over there piercings if you are interested and just for $68 you can get a pedicure, manicure and 20 minute massage.

(7) 8:00 P.M Drink a good Red Wine.

Go to “Pair Wine & Cheese”  and get the Mac and Cheese for just $11.00 together with a “Laleur-Piot, Bourgogne Rouge Les Galtieres” ( White Wine like Moscato) $13.00 , then with a jazz music enjoy the rest of the night and relax your mind away from all the problems.  Just with $12 dollars you can buy any wine glass.



Amazing place with excellent coffee and really good cappuccino. The food is really good and they have a wide selection for a cafe. Good place to study also and the wifi signal is strong, and the jazz music makes it perfect for the environment. The Prices value are acceptable totally worth it!  The get some famous sandwich at the ” Henry Public” restaurant between atlantic avenue and pacific avenue where the place its very famous for making the best  turkey-leg sandwich maybe the best turkey sandwich ever… for just $10 with a some famous juice call “morir sonando” $8 which mean “died sleeping” this its a place you must go before you die without a doubt!

36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront

The city that never sleeps. From the mass diversity of Queens to the famous pinstripes of the Bronx and the bright lights of Manhattan, however, Brooklyn has been the new trend of the last couple of years. To its refresh of new restaurants or classic history and culture around the waterfront. The views of the bridges and the sunset overlooking the skyline and the Statue of Liberty. The Brooklyn Waterfront has helped Brooklyn to be one of the most visited places in New York.


2:30 PM Like Pizza!!

DUMBO is one of the most popular places to visit in Brooklyn. At the corner of Old Fulton Street, there’s Grimaldi’s a Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria. One of the few remaining cast iron facades, one of the first to have and now the rarest restaurants left in the U.S. Grimaldi’s had movies, television, and commercials filmed inside. A medium white pizza (six slices) will cost you $16.75 and a Cannoli will be $4.00.

4:00 PM Walk it Off!!

After getting a full stomach, walk it off by visiting the Brooklyn Bridge. Since 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge is a passageway from Manhattan to Brooklyn. You can either go on a Guided Walking Tour or a Bike Tour. More for first timers a guided walking tour will cost you $26.13 a person. While a bike tour is $55 a person. Both will give you a tour guide who can answer all your questions.

6:15 PM Ring Around

Created by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (P.T.C) in 1992. Jane’s Carousel is open six days a week from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM, closed on Tuesday. Tickets are two dollars children three and under can ride for free with a paid adult. A great view the Brooklyn Bridge and the One World Trade Center and the East River.

7:00 PM Sweet Treat

End the day with ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Open seven days a week from 12:00 – 10:00 PM. Either a cone or a dish, they have eight different flavors from the classic vanilla to butter pecan. One scoop to three scoops will cost you between four and seven dollars. There are seats right outside of the Ice Cream Factory that you can watch the sunset before the lights go out.


9:00 AM Morning Sip

From Brazil to Kenya. Get coffee from all around the world at the Brooklyn Roasting Company. Very laid back style, lots of seats to relax, go on our phone or laptop. Have a Macchiato for three dollars. Brazilian coffee beans in a tin will cost $12. They have much more coffee beans from different countries and you can also purchase mugs, journal books, and t-shirts.

11:00 AM Are you a Foodie?

Smorgasburg is the biggest open-air food market in the United States. Open only on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM with 100 local vendors. Located in the Williamsburg. It helped launch many businesses. The New York Times calls it “The Woodstock of Eating.” Come early it’s a very popular site.

12:30 PM Sit and Relax

Stop by the Brooklyn Art Library. Open seven days a week from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Then moved to a new location which is  28 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Shelves and shelves of books full of art. You can’t simply take a book of the shelves, first, you need to ask for it thru an iPad. There are journals and sketchbooks filled with different art.

2:00 PM History Lesson

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard BLDG 92, you can learn about the history of the Navy Yard and what’s happening now there. It’s free but I would prefer if you would take a paid tour. Like the World War II Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, it’s $30 for adults $15 for children and infants are free. Get a better understanding of the location through an expert guide on a bus. Learn how important this location was during World War II where many ships were made and fixed here.

5:15 PM Dinner Time

A brick-walled restaurant that serves steaks and grilled seafood. St. Anselm is open for dinner time during the evening hours. On their menu, they have seafood like wine based octopus, salmon steak, and monster prawns with garlic butter. For meat lovers, they have beef, lamb, pork, poultry. For drinks, they have lots of wine to choose from such as red, white, yellow wines.  They do have a long waiting line when you come around 6 pm.

11:30 AM Shopping
At the Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo, it’s part vintage and old-fashioned. Opened only on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM right under the Manhattan Bridge. 80 vendors selling furniture, vintage clothing, antiques, jewelry, etc. Is one of the best markets in the U.S. also the world.

2:30 PM Perfect Ending
Coney Island is one of the famous landmarks in New York City. The beach and boardwalk offer three miles of sandy beach that has beach volleyball, handball, basketball courts, playgrounds and Luna Park. Opened in 2010 Luna Park replaced the amusement park Astroland. It has 29 rides for all ages, you will need to buy a Luna card to get on the rides it will cost you between $1 – $100. Want some food? Stop by Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog. They host the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest where lots of people come and watch who will win the belt.

Photo Cred: Kathleen Santos



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36 Hours at The Brooklyn Waterfront

The Brooklyn waterfront is a vast area spanning through many of Brooklyn borough’s historic neighborhoods. What maintains the waterfront’s history and uniqueness comes a lot from its culinary offerings. The Brooklyn waterfront’s vibrancy of culinary delights that may never go away like the historic Peter Luger Steakhouse and establishments such as Paulie Gee’s that offer unique vegan and non-vegan pies. From the expensive multi-course River Cafe in Dumbo to the fast, inexpensive Nathan’s Hot Dogs at Coney Island, there are dozens to hundreds of unique options that will satisfy any foodie craving more for days.


Photo credit: Cynthia D. Retrieved from yelp.com

1.) 1130a: G’day Mate

This cozy, Australian inspired comfort food restaurant and cafe is located on the border of the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods and across the street from McCarren Park. Choices range from light (chia pudding with poached rhubarb, toasted almond, and opal basil for $11.00) and hearty (Moroccan scramble with merguez sausage, scrambled eggs with spiced chickpeas, crushed avocado and grilled sourdough for $14.00). Do not leave without trying the famous ricotta pancakes and honeycomb butter. The subtle ricotta flavor blended in the pancakes go harmoniously together with the fresh berries, banana and warm 100% pure maple syrup. The real star of the show and game changer is the ice cream scoop size dollop of honeycomb butter. This whipped butter is combined with crunchy honeycomb pieces that takes this dish to another level. It’s easy to forget paying $16.00 for a plate pancakes when it tastes this heavenly.

  2.) 1:30p: Kick back and relax at East River State Park

While thinking back fondly on the ricotta pancakes that you just devoured, walk five minutes down to East River State Park. As the site of a 19th century shipping dock, visitors to East River State Park may also discover unique historical remnants like old cobblestone streets and railroad tracks embedded in concrete.The seven acre park offers plenty of green space to lay out on, walkways along the waterfront with stunning views of Manhattan, and even free WiFi access.

3.) 4:30p: Perk up

If you’re starting to feel groggy after your time at the park, you’re not far from the nearest pick me up. Five minutes down Kent Avenue or along the waterfront and you’re at the famous Brooklyn Roasting Company. Brooklyn Roasting Company has been roasting their own fair-trade organic coffee beans in Brooklyn since they began just further down the waterfront in Dumbo. The varieties of smooth, full flavored coffees are sure to satisfy any coffee lover. For medium roast lovers, go for the Nicaragua Gold Mountain with its flavor notes of oatmeal and praline that take you back to lazy afternoons at grandma’s house with a plate of fresh baked cookies ($3.50 for a 16 ounce cup). Don’t feel bad for playing favorites with more than one brew. A twelve ounce tin of whole beans to grind and brew at home will cost $15.00.

Photo credit: Northern Territory Business Owner. Retrieved from yelp.com

4.) 600p: More Aussie Fare at Northern Territory

Head back up Kent Avenue or along the Brooklyn waterfront for dinner at another Australian inspired restaurant in Greenpoint. The grilled lamb “lollies” ($14 for 3, $26 for 6, $48 for 12) are seared to perfection, tender and bursting with flavor on the inside with a rosemary and honey-mint yogurt for dipping. Sadly, no shrimp on the barby on the menu but the options of grilled skewers more than make up for it. Options for skewers are chicken marinated in lemon and garlic with grilled onions, mushroom and pepper with basil pesto, skirt steak and onion with chimichurri sauce, and grilled halloumi, a type of Greek cheese ($7 to $9 for individual skewers or a sampler of all four for $30). After dinner, feel free to relax in your outdoor booth. Take in the sunset set along the breathtaking skyline view of Manhattan with the house cocktail, Territory Tea (vodka, kiwi puree, and iced tea for $12).

5.) 900p: Late Night Strikes at Brooklyn Bowl

Get those competitive juices flowing just five minutes walking distance away at Brooklyn Bowl. See how many strikes (or gutterballs) you can make for $25.00 per lane, per half hour for up to eight friends. Brooklyn Brewery whose brewery is on the same block as the bowling alley provides locally made beer for you and your team. The easy to drink summer ale ($7 per 16 ounce glass, $27 a pitcher) with its clean, citrusy, balanced malt and hop flavor will keep you fueled while you try to bowl a perfect 300 (or just crack triple digits).


6.) 930a: Home sweet, Home/made

Soothe your sore throwing arm and hoarse voice from the night of bowling in the quaint, relaxing atmosphere of Home/Made in Red Hook. The living room style decor of the restaurant creates an atmosphere being, as the name says, at home with its communal sofa seating and coffee table style tables. Try the French toast which is made with a thick slice of caramelized brioche bread and topped with sauteed apples, pears, and dried cherries or the smoked salmon, dill and goat cheese egg scramble served with home fries and grilled walnut toast  ($11.75 each).


Photo credit: Cacao Prieto. Retrieved from cacaoprieto.com

7.) 1130a: Now, Some Cacao

Follow the scent of chocolate in the air while walking the five short blocks down Conover Street to get to chocolatier, Cacao Prieto. Cacao Prieto is a chocolatier in Red Hook that uses single origin, 100% organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic to make their chocolates, chocolate liqueur, and chocolate rum. The factory roasts, ground, prepares, and wraps their products in-house. Cacao Prieto gives visitors hour long tours of the factory and distillery every Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00p to 6:00p, $20.00 per person. At the end of the tour, visitors can purchase a 72% cacao bar in any of the unique flavor offerings such as floral orchid or earthy absinthe ($8.00 per bar), a bag of chocolate drops to add to your homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe ($16.00 each).  

8.) 200p: A Taste of New England

Step into the Red Hook Lobster Pound to satisfy that craving or try for the first time New England style lobster. The lobsters are delivered fresh from Maine and visitors can choose their lobster from the in-house tanks. The lobster is then steamed and served with potatoes, corn on the cob, and coleslaw ($25.00 per 1 ½ pound lobster dinner). If the task of taking down a whole lobster is too ambitious, then try one Red Hook Lobster Pound’s lobster rolls. The restaurant offers four different types of lobster rolls, each made with tender claw meat and named after different New England regions; Maine (served cold with mayonnaise), Connecticut (served warm with butter and lemon), Tuscan (tossed in basil vinaigrette), and BLT (mixed with chipotle mayo and crisp applewood smoked bacon). All lobster rolls are topped with paprika and scallion and served on a buttered roll ($24 for all rolls except BLT which is $26).

9.) 400p: Afternoon Wine Tasting

After lunch, head down to the waterfront for a wine tasting at Red Hook Winery. For $15.00 per person, visitors can try four different types of red or white wines. Red Hook Winery also makes grappa, an Italian spirit made from distilled pomace (leftover grape skin, seeds, and stems). But drinker beware–Red Hook Winery’s grappa packs a serious 50% alcohol punch. As a bonus for coming on Saturday or Sunday, visitors can take a fifteen minute tour through the Red Hook Winery with their wine tasting. Individual wine bottles range from $20-$60 each.

Photo credit: Hometown Bar-B-Que. Retrieved from hometownbarbque.com

10.) 630p: Meat Lover’s Paradise

Five minutes walking from Red Hook Winery is Hometown Bar-B-Que. Be ready for a long wait because Hometown wood smokes their dry-rubbed meats for that fall-off-the-bone goodness that one would expect great barbecue to be and serves them up by the pound (brisket $14, pulled pork $11, lamb belly $12, turkey $12, beef ribs $28, pork ribs $24). Don’t forget to get sides like collard greens, Texas-style queso mac and cheese, or smoked pit beans with burnt brisket ends ($4 to $8 per side depending on size). The live music from local and touring artists on weekend nights will definitely keep your head rocking as you take down your plate of ‘que.

11.) 930p: Nightcap

With what strength you have left from fighting off your food coma, drag yourself down to Botanica for one last drink. On warm nights, Botanica will open up their floor to ceiling windows to create an outdoor patio atmosphere for patrons. For $12.00, you can get a crafted cocktail, like the Amaro Cobbler which uses dry sherry, amaro bitters, and chocolate liqueur from the Cacao Prieto chocolatier or a Widow Jane on the rocks, both distilled right next door.


12.) 9:30a: Only in New York

It wouldn’t be a successful visit to New York without a New York style bagel. Look no further than La Bagel Delight in Dumbo. La Bagel Delight serves up traditional boiled, hand rolled New York bagels with the crunchy crust, and warm, soft chewy inside that have become synonymous and unique to the city. You can’t go wrong with a toasted plain bagel and smooth, tart cream cheese ($3.00) but start the morning right with a lox (salt brined salmon), cream cheese, sweet and crisp red onion, and fresh tomato and cucumber ($8.99).  

13.) 1130a: Rooftop Farming

A fifteen minute walk from La Bagel Delight will bring you to Brooklyn Grange located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The 65,000 square foot Brooklyn Grange, the world’s largest rooftop farm, is set in a World War I era factory that produces some 50,000 pounds of vegetables a year, most of which are sold directly to local restaurants and small greengrocers. 45 minute guided tours of the farm are given from May to October for $10 per person at 10:00a and 1130a.


Photo credit: Wythe Hotel. Retrieved from wythehotel.com

Wythe Hotel

The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg is a 72 room boutique hotel with renowned restaurant Reynard and Ides rooftop bar was converted from an early 20th century factory. The hotel features luxurious accommodations such as high ceilings, vintage ironwork, and handmade reclaimed wood beds. A big draw of the hotel are sweeping Manhattan skyline views through the rooms’ big factory windows; upper floor loft rooms offer floor to ceiling panoramic views. From $299 per night.

The Look Hotel, Red Hook

For the Brooklyn waterfront visitor that wants a no-frills, clean, comfortable accommodation, look no further than The Look Hotel, Red Hook. Comfortable rooms with attentive staff, free wifi, and on site mini market make this hotel a great choice. From $186 per night.



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36 Hours Brooklyn Waterfront

Start creating unforgettable memories at the Brooklyn Waterfront. Begin to learn it’s cultural background of different places and explore deep into the sea.

Brooklyn has become popular amongst tourist because it became a place of interest and being able to exhibit culture values. The Brooklyn Waterfront has its cultural attractions, but what makes it cultural is the ethnic backgrounds, customs, and art. Brooklyn is unique in its own way, for example, it has plays a major role in various aspects of our culture. Literature, cinema, and theater all play a big role in our culture.


  • 3 P.M. – Coffee

Start the day off with any type of coffee you are passionate about. The cafe is a small batch roaster located in Brooklyn. The team members work by traveling the world sourcing of coffee. The barista believes that every coffee cup they serve could tell a story and they attempt to share it in every cup that is served. Coffee became popular in America after the Boston Tea Party, in 1773, which switch the tea to coffee and it became something of a patriotic duty. While enjoying a great coffee from Toby’s Estate Coffee Roaster consider checking their Brew School where they teach the elements of brewing a great coffee.

  • 4:30 P.M. – Clothing

Oroboro is a clothing store, but not just any clothing store. Oroboro has different designs of clothes. It cannot be compared with how people dress today. The store main focus is hand-crafted items, which many of them are locally made.

  • 6:30 P.M. – Pier 42

Before having a quick walk on the Williamsburg Bridge, Pier 42 was built before as a newsprint terminal. After it was closed down, the partners of Pier 42 started working with State Senator Daniel Squadron and NYC Parks to create a temporary park. The Pier brings art, design, and educational installations. An activity that can be done is creating your own kite and joining the kite flying contest. Also, you can get an audio walking tour of the park for free. But if you rather not attend the kite contest you can go to the Waterfront Alliance table where they give you information of free public kayaking, their rich harbor heritage, and the organizations core program and events.

  • 8 P.M. – Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge is a place where people can see an outstanding view of the East River. It was first opened in 1903, and it has been there for the longest. The bridge is between Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was used for horses and carriages, but now it is used for automobile, transportation, bikes and for people to walk or run in the bridge. In 1990, the Brooklyn Bridge was under construction to undo the effects of age, weather, increase traffic volumes, and to repair the bridge for another 100 years of service. Walking around the bridge at night is astonishing because you get could see all the amazing lights. People say everything looks better at night, so why not experience it?

  • 10 P.M. – Bazaar

After spending a whole day exploring the Waterfront in Brooklyn, why not have some fun at the Brooklyn Bazaar? Brooklyn Bazaar has a Karaoke private room, but you have to make a reservation within time. To reserve a private karaoke room, it is roughly $45 for 50 minutes, but I guarantee you’ll have a great time. Music from every ethnic background somehow connects to people’s feelings, this shows that no matter where the music comes from it could make a connection within the person. The room consents of your own bar whether it is beer, house wine, liquor, cans, and frozen drinks. The drinks are from Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, California, and many other places.


  • 8:30 A.M. – Cantine

Cantine is known for having great meals and their great coffees. It was founded on February 2012 by Alexandra Sagol. Chef Eric Zawacki was trained with foundation of classic French techniques. Cantine serves Mediterranean, Taste of Spain, Asian Flavors, Rustic Italian, New South, and Canapes food. They accommodate dietary restrictions, allergies, and/or special request. Based on the budget and appetites they could offer their size up or down. It is a great place for families who want to have a decent meal with outdoor or indoor seating. The price range is from $11 up to $30.

  • 11 A.M – Waterfront Museum

The Waterfront Museum was founded in 1986 to provide programs in education and culture aboard an historic vessel and to advocate for. Also, to expand public waterfront access in the New York Metropolitan area. On certain days there are performances, for example, Amelia and Her Paper Tiger. It is roughly $10 to $15 depending on who is performing. Visitors get to learn about the harbor geography, rise and dall of the tides, guess the color of the water, and many other things. The visit ends with juggling performance by the Showboat Caption.

  • 1 P.M. Narrow Botanical Garden

The Narrow Botanical Garden is dedicated to the collection, cultivation, and display of extensive range of plants. The garden is a way that will delight the public visually and sensuously, educate the guest on horticulture and garden architecture, and promote arts with free art and cultural events. There are many activities in the Narrow Botanical Garden, but it is a very great place to rest, volunteer, and learn educationally.

  • 3:30 P.M. Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn Army Terminal is located in what is known as Sunset Park. It expands from 58th Street to 63rd Street and from Second Avenue to the Waterfront. It was colonized by a substantial Scandinavian and Finnish population. The Finnish steam and bath can still be enjoyed by tourist and visitors. There are also traditional Finnish dishes, but now the area reflects to numerous cultures. There are cuisines from mostly every country in Latin America. For example, Cuban Ecuadorian, Mexican, Caribbean, Salvadorian, and Dominican. Lastly, it is known by modern architects from the world for its powerful aesthetic and highly functional form.

Try a Mangonada I guarantee you’ll love it! It is not spicy as it looks like, it is sweet powder.

  • 6 P.M. – Jalopy Jr

Jalopy is a community of arts center focused on traditional roots of music from around the world. It supports local and traveling artist and educate those that are new to this type of music and culture. Jalopy showcases people’s music from around the world. For example, Mexican Son Jarocho, to Gypsy Jazz and African Cora music. It is a place to share time with your fellow peers or family and share the love of traditional roots of music. You’ll also be able to see all the different displays of instruments.

  • 9 P.M. – Nieves Tia Mimi

Don’t forget before you leave to make a quick stop at Nieves Tia Mimi in Sunset, Brooklyn. Nieves Tia Mimi is a Mexican cultural dessert. They sell different type of icies, such as, mango, lemon, pineapple, coco, melon, and much more. Everything is there for you. It is a desirable dessert because it is unique in Brooklyn. Their prices depend on what you want. They also sell Chamoyadas, Mangonadas, and many other creative desserts. Chamoyadas and Mangonadas are roughly $8 and regular icies are $2 to $6, depending on the size you desire. It is not any regular icies that are sold in the parks or in the corners of the streets. Therefore, I encourage you to make a quick stop and enjoy a real Mexican Icey. I recommend you to have a Mangonada since it comes with various of fruits.

  • 10:30 P.M. – Il Fornetto Italian restaurant

Continue your day with an amazing dinner at the Il Fornetto Italian Restaurant. Enjoy live classical rock music performance. No matter what your quest is Il Fornetto gorgeous waterfront will enhance customers visit. Wine is the most desirable drinks in the restaurant. The Wines are from Italy, California, and France with a decent price of $8 to $9 per glass. Their menu contains of various plates such as Insalate, Raw Bar, Antipasti, Del Mare (from the sea), Pasta, Carne, and much more, but it’s your chose to pick the perfect dish! Do not forget to alert the waiter of any allergies you may have to prevent foodborne illness.


  • 10 A.M. – Fishing in Sheepshead Bay

Start your Sunday by fishing in Sheepshead Bay, but do not forget to call if you want a private fishing charter! If you do not have your own fishing pole you can make a quick stop at “Bernie’s Bait and Tackle,” you can get the set for $20. Fishing does not only provide source of food and work, but also a community and cultural identity. Fishing also had an effect on all major religions because they needed to participate in fishing excursions. Fishing is a way to have fun, relax, and a way to learn survival skills.

  • 11:30 A.M. – New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium is the only aquarium in New York City and part of the enormous network of metropolitan wildlife parks in the country. The admission is $11.95 for three years and over. Be sure to experience the 4-D theater, penguin feeding, and sea otter feeding. Humans beings differ from animal in the extent to which they create, sustain, and participate in culture. Do not forget to watch the dolphin’s performance!

  • 2:30 P.M. – Luna Park

After exhibiting the animals, are you ready for some fun? Coming out the New York Aquarium make a left and in two minutes you should be able to arrive to Luna Park. Luna Park is an amusement park where there are many attractions of rides, numerous games, eateries, and retail kiosks. One of most popular ride in Luna Park is the “Cyclone Roller Coaster ($7),” because it was built by wood and it was the first ride built.


Sleep Inn Coney Island is located in 134 22nd Street Brooklyn, NY, 11232. In order to make a reservation you can call (347)-415-8388. Sleep Inn has great values of elements and amenities that helps guest feel relax. They offer free morning Medley breakfast buffet with hot and cold options. They include free Wi-Fi, fitness center, and free weekday newspaper. For a one-night stay, it could start from $214. The price value depends if the hotel has promotions when you reserve a room.


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36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront

Priyanka Phagoo- May 15th, 2017

The food is equally alluring as the view. 

The only thing better than a good view, is good food. Whether it be Williamsburg or Red Hook, the waterfront strip brings together cuisines from around the world. Flavors that excite all five senses are to be found right here in Brooklyn, while taking in the beauty of Manhattan. Whether you are traveling with a family of seven or three, as couple, or by yourself, there is much to add to your list of culinary experiences.


1) 3 pm.  SWEET CHICK

Feed your appetite mouthfuls of the east and west coasts in the trendy, and very busy, Sweet Chick, located at 164 Bedford Ave. Try New York’s beloved deli bacon, egg and cheese on another level. A bacon, egg and cheese on a brioche or biscuit, for $7.50, includes house cured bacon and aged white cheddar. If that’s not sophisticated enough for you, try the Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich accompanied with a bourbon molasses glaze, black eyed pea spread, crispy jalapeños, and fries or salad ($14).

SWEET CHICK Photo Credit: Priyanka Phagoo


Hop on a 45 minute tour of New York City’s oldest operating and smallest commercial distillery in the country, located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (299 Sands Street). Kings County Distillery hand-makes moonshine, bourbon, and other whiskeys at the 117-year-old Paymaster Building. They use New York grain and traditional distilling equipment to make distinctive spirits. Taste their award winning and praise worthy whiskeys for $14 per person.

3) 5 pm. MoFAD

For a dosage of history and a little taste of China, head over to the Museum of Food and Drink at 62 Bayard Street. Learn about the history of Chinese cuisine, influential chefs, and menus. Witness the making of fortune cookies and create your own fortune. Experience the lightness Southern Chinese dishes carry, compared to Northern. Northern Chinese dishes tend to have heavy spices and more meat. This intimate museum allows you to sample a dish made by various chefs with your preference in mind (vegetarian samples are an option). Tickets go for $14 (adult), $9 (students), $7 (youth 6-17) and no charge (5 and under.)

MoFAD TASTING Photo Credit: Priyanka Phagoo


Take movie night to another level at Nitehawk Cinema located at 136 Metropolitan Ave. Kickback with a classic, or semi-new, movie and a crisp glass of wine. Indulge in bulgogi marinated chicken, kimchi-Fuji apple slaw with kewpie mayo on flour tortillas (Korean Chicken Tacos) with an Old Blue Last Lager ($18). Entrees range from American to Korean, Turkish to Mexican.



Wake up with a peculiar variety of coffee flavors at Blue Bottle Coffee, located at 160 Berry Street. Time is of the essence and flavor is priority. These roasters only serve their selections on its peak days. Enjoy a fruity, radiant, and creamy cup of Three Africas with a bowl of oatmeal ($10). Other options include: Colombia Pasto Finca San José (grapefruit, raspberry and buckwheat honey), Hayes Valley Espresso (syrupy, dark chocolate and brown sugar) or Night Light Decaf (a malt versatile selection.) This intimate coffee shop will catch your palate off guard.


Smorgasburg is the ideal place to hungrily stroll while enjoying the view. This food market on the waterfront offers a range from Indian, Jamaican and Korean to wings, fries, oysters and lobster. This food festival is held every Saturday (90 Kent Ave) and Sunday (Breeze Hill, Prospect Park). Treat yourself to savory, thick, crispy and perfectly seasoned ruffle fries from Home Frite ($9) and an order of five succulent, spicy BBQ wings from Dan and John’s Wings ($8). For something a little less mainstream, stop by Baked Cheese Haus for gooey strands of cheese scraped onto toasted baguettes with cured ham, cornichons, and green onions.

Photo Credit: Priyanka Phagoo


The medium body, low acid, touch sweet flavors of jack fruit, roasted coconut and banana white wine are tastes you won’t want to miss out on. And if white isn’t your preference, try the medium body, medium full tannin flavors of mint, dark berries and spice. All are found at the Red Hook Winery at 175-204 Van Dyke Street (Pier 4). Engage in a tasting of 4 different Red Hook Wines (2 oz pours) from 12pm – 6pm ($15 per person).

8) 7 pm. ALMA

Experience Mexican the New York way, at Alma. A bone-in grilled pork chop marinated with an ancho chile sauce, served with mixed vegetables & a red jalapeno sauce goes well with a Cucumber Margarita (cucumber infused tequila, triple sec & lime juice with a kick of homemade salsa picante) ($34). Enjoy every bite and every word of conversation while looking at the sparkling Manhattan skyline on the rooftop. Brunch is served on weekends and dinner is served on weekdays.


Satisfy your late night sweet tooth with classics from the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain at 513 Henry Street. The atmosphere of this shop adds authenticity to its milkshakes, egg creams, ice cream floats, and specialty sundaes. Transport yourself to the 1920s with a Broken Cones Milkshake (a vanilla shake with pieces of sweet sugar cones) and a 100% all-beef hot dog from Brooklyn Hot Dog Co., served on a Caputo’s hot dog roll ($17). Whether you’re craving sweet or savory, this once apothecary, has it all.


LODGING (TripAdvisor)

Standard Room with Queen Bed-

May- $229.00/Night

June- $269.00

Elite Queen Room/Manhattan View-

May- $249.00/Night

June- $289.00

Elite King Room/Manhattan View-

May- $269.00/Night

June- $309.00



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