36 Hours on Brooklyn Waterfront :Coney Island

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10 am: During the summer, Coney Island is the place to be. Whether you want to soak the rays or have a dip in the sea. If you’d like to have a day off to relax, you can walk to the beach free of admission and enjoy playing on the sand, or in the water. However if you would like to just enjoy the view you begin your day at 5am to watch the sunrise, take a jog or feed the sea gulls.

Behind the beach is wonderful amusement park along with restaurants. Photo credit: D’Asia Harris

2pm: Now it’s time to have some fun with the Amusement Park ! Though it’s open  from March 1-October 31, it’s most busiest times are from June- August and then Halloween. Every year during the summer time you get to feel a wave of rush with the roller coasters, bumper cars and the spinning crane. For unlimited rides for up to 4 hours , you get a bargain price at $35. If not unlimited rides, you would pay a dollar a ticket per ride.


Picture credit : D’Asia Harris

6pm: During the evening your able to enjoy a wonderful meal at the birthplace of hotdogs. Nathan’s Famous . Grab a hot dog with the original flavor of Nathan Handwerker, with his own hotdog shack since 1916 selling it for 5 cents. But unfortunately got destroyed in hurricane Sandy. With its new model you can now enjoy it for $4.39 a piece, with a side of cheese fries for 3.99. Chili or bacon for $4.29. Or even better enjoy it at the hotdog eating contest each summer on July 4th.

Photo credit: D’Asia Harris

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