36 hours in the Brooklyn Waterfront

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36 hours in the Brooklyn waterfront

Crossing bridges to another side of New York City, a home to activities, attractions and known best for; waterside dining.

A home for a more out of zone area to visit beyond the street of the lower Manhattan is the Brooklyn waterfront. A sense of exclusivity with some much to see, history, back to the 19th century when the Brooklyn waterfront served as a waterway for imports and exports as well a refuge for immigrants. With so much culture brought in there was great diversity, there is more to Brooklyn than you’d think.



Once at the waterfront head straight down to the Brooklyn Crab. With a second floor deck overlooking the New York harbor the Brooklyn crab serve the freshest seafood, coming from the Atlantic coast down to the Gulf of Mexico. Brooklyn crab also host Reed Park with game options of miniature golf, shuffle board, sandboxes and more. The park is great way to spend an afternoon at a family outing or for outdoor drinking. Try there Faroe Island Salmon with a maple Dijon glaze ($19) to have you going back for more. When the sun is at its peak in your in time for happy hour with afternoon scenery, $1 oysters and $4 Narragansett with a great view of the New York Bay located down Van Brunt Street in Red Hook make a right to what may appear as desert between Conover.

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5:30 P.M. BAKED

From biscotties to brownies to cookies, marshmallows and granola, Baked NYC has been sure to deliver the ultimate American bakery experience. They offer savory breakfasts and lunch, delicious slices of cake, cupcakes, various pies (seasonal ones too) and the aroma that fills the air when you walk into the shop is like revisiting your childhood during the fall no matter the time of the year you visit.


Located in 121 Columbia Street, a back patio with a mellow feel to it as the front patio where seats are overlooking Manhattan is known as The Hop Shop. Known for the list of beers on tap and incredible bottle list, you’re left with a great impression of service and surprising verity of drinks.  This bar is supplied with beers and bottles from all over the United States. For a simple setting new comer are skeptical about where they’re walking into. On tap they have 13 beers for selection and bottles you can purchase by glass ($8) and by bottle ($35). They also serve hot dogs and from a Queso dog; cheese sauce with jalapeno & tomato, tortilla chips, and cilantro ($7) to a Naked dog; dressed with ketchup, mustard, red onion, or relish ($3) all of which there hot dogs are supplied by “The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company.”



Thai noodles, fried rice, dumplings, soups and delicious entrees, at Teeda Thai Cuisine. Not only is there a great variety in the appetizers priced no more than $8 for dumplings, rolls or calamari, but there are various salads to choose from to accompany any of your heavier chicken, beef, duck, shrimp, fish, or vegetarian entrees ($15). The food uses rich spices that give all the dishes a nice kick, and for the prices listed at an area that isn’t a huge travel to and from the water, it’s definitely worth visiting.


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One of the biggest gems right by the Brooklyn waters is the Red Hook Lobster Pound. Although it’s located in an area cut off from some of Brooklyn and requires a little adventuring, It’s definitely been a hot spot for anyone looking for a great deal on seafood. Most of the freshly made dishes are priced under ($20) be it an appetizer or sandwich, and entrees fall right under ($30), while the desserts and sides are all under ($10). What’s better than your favorite choice of crab or lobster meat, an order mac and cheese or potato salad on the side and funnel cake to top it off?


If you’re looking to make a sunny summer’s day feel even warmer and sunnier, or even a cold winter’s day feel like a Christmas dinner night at grandma’s, “Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies” is the place to be. The aroma and cozy ambiance allows the rich, fresh baked pies to fill the air and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The pies range ($5-$30) depending on the serving size and the three varying “swingles”, also known as frozen slices of pie dipped in chocolate on a stick, are a must-have for any pie enthusiast willing to try something new.

8:00 P.M DINE

Cozy, inviting little Italian spot that doesn’t stray too far from the waterfront, Ferdinando’s Focacceria is a convenient and inexpensive restaurant to visit. The food is authentic and fresh and can be sensed as soon as you walk in. The pastas, salads, and appetizers fall under or at most $20 and the entrees still under $25). The herbs, spices and sauces used to marinate the ingredients together keep the taste buds jumping ($6), the cannoli as a dessert are to die for.



The River Café

A classier night out at location with great scenery would be this little hotspot here. Located right under the Brooklyn bridge, there is a breathtaking view of the water all throughout the restaurant and the food makes the experience that much better. Whether you seat in for a cup of coffee, brunch or lunch for a quick salad or ceviche, or are in the mood for a calm dinner, you can’t go wrong with the salmon. A way to start the a new day with a warm morning.

Photo Credit: Arya Soeraa


Seeking for authentic Mexican food with a rooftop dining experience. Alma, spanish for soul is part of the culture in Brooklyn, a three floor restaurant built from the ground up.  Alma’s is a landmark the NYC dining scene and the dishes are made to give you a feel for what real Mexican food is like. The spices used to season the meats are smoky and spicy enough without being overbearing, the tacos and tequila are plentiful, plus the Taco Tuesday deals of two tacos and a margarita ($13).


A place to unwind with a nice aged glass of wine, this country-styled winery is going to be the place to fulfill that craving. is the Red Hook Winery. The tasting room is open daily from noon to 6pm, are $15 a person and include four different wines. Whether you are team white wine or red wine, there are options for everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re new to wine tasting or are already a wine-enthusiast, it’s a great way to diversify your taste pallet and figure out which sweet, semi-sweet, semi-dry, and dry wines are worth giving a try.



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