36 Hours Brooklyn Waterfront

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Start creating unforgettable memories at the Brooklyn Waterfront. Begin to learn it’s cultural background of different places and explore deep into the sea.

Brooklyn has become popular amongst tourist because it became a place of interest and being able to exhibit culture values. The Brooklyn Waterfront has its cultural attractions, but what makes it cultural is the ethnic backgrounds, customs, and art. Brooklyn is unique in its own way, for example, it has plays a major role in various aspects of our culture. Literature, cinema, and theater all play a big role in our culture.


  • 3 P.M. – Coffee

Start the day off with any type of coffee you are passionate about. The cafe is a small batch roaster located in Brooklyn. The team members work by traveling the world sourcing of coffee. The barista believes that every coffee cup they serve could tell a story and they attempt to share it in every cup that is served. Coffee became popular in America after the Boston Tea Party, in 1773, which switch the tea to coffee and it became something of a patriotic duty. While enjoying a great coffee from Toby’s Estate Coffee Roaster consider checking their Brew School where they teach the elements of brewing a great coffee.

  • 4:30 P.M. – Clothing

Oroboro is a clothing store, but not just any clothing store. Oroboro has different designs of clothes. It cannot be compared with how people dress today. The store main focus is hand-crafted items, which many of them are locally made.

  • 6:30 P.M. – Pier 42

Before having a quick walk on the Williamsburg Bridge, Pier 42 was built before as a newsprint terminal. After it was closed down, the partners of Pier 42 started working with State Senator Daniel Squadron and NYC Parks to create a temporary park. The Pier brings art, design, and educational installations. An activity that can be done is creating your own kite and joining the kite flying contest. Also, you can get an audio walking tour of the park for free. But if you rather not attend the kite contest you can go to the Waterfront Alliance table where they give you information of free public kayaking, their rich harbor heritage, and the organizations core program and events.

  • 8 P.M. – Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge is a place where people can see an outstanding view of the East River. It was first opened in 1903, and it has been there for the longest. The bridge is between Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was used for horses and carriages, but now it is used for automobile, transportation, bikes and for people to walk or run in the bridge. In 1990, the Brooklyn Bridge was under construction to undo the effects of age, weather, increase traffic volumes, and to repair the bridge for another 100 years of service. Walking around the bridge at night is astonishing because you get could see all the amazing lights. People say everything looks better at night, so why not experience it?

  • 10 P.M. – Bazaar

After spending a whole day exploring the Waterfront in Brooklyn, why not have some fun at the Brooklyn Bazaar? Brooklyn Bazaar has a Karaoke private room, but you have to make a reservation within time. To reserve a private karaoke room, it is roughly $45 for 50 minutes, but I guarantee you’ll have a great time. Music from every ethnic background somehow connects to people’s feelings, this shows that no matter where the music comes from it could make a connection within the person. The room consents of your own bar whether it is beer, house wine, liquor, cans, and frozen drinks. The drinks are from Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, California, and many other places.


  • 8:30 A.M. – Cantine

Cantine is known for having great meals and their great coffees. It was founded on February 2012 by Alexandra Sagol. Chef Eric Zawacki was trained with foundation of classic French techniques. Cantine serves Mediterranean, Taste of Spain, Asian Flavors, Rustic Italian, New South, and Canapes food. They accommodate dietary restrictions, allergies, and/or special request. Based on the budget and appetites they could offer their size up or down. It is a great place for families who want to have a decent meal with outdoor or indoor seating. The price range is from $11 up to $30.

  • 11 A.M – Waterfront Museum

The Waterfront Museum was founded in 1986 to provide programs in education and culture aboard an historic vessel and to advocate for. Also, to expand public waterfront access in the New York Metropolitan area. On certain days there are performances, for example, Amelia and Her Paper Tiger. It is roughly $10 to $15 depending on who is performing. Visitors get to learn about the harbor geography, rise and dall of the tides, guess the color of the water, and many other things. The visit ends with juggling performance by the Showboat Caption.

  • 1 P.M. Narrow Botanical Garden

The Narrow Botanical Garden is dedicated to the collection, cultivation, and display of extensive range of plants. The garden is a way that will delight the public visually and sensuously, educate the guest on horticulture and garden architecture, and promote arts with free art and cultural events. There are many activities in the Narrow Botanical Garden, but it is a very great place to rest, volunteer, and learn educationally.

  • 3:30 P.M. Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn Army Terminal is located in what is known as Sunset Park. It expands from 58th Street to 63rd Street and from Second Avenue to the Waterfront. It was colonized by a substantial Scandinavian and Finnish population. The Finnish steam and bath can still be enjoyed by tourist and visitors. There are also traditional Finnish dishes, but now the area reflects to numerous cultures. There are cuisines from mostly every country in Latin America. For example, Cuban Ecuadorian, Mexican, Caribbean, Salvadorian, and Dominican. Lastly, it is known by modern architects from the world for its powerful aesthetic and highly functional form.

Try a Mangonada I guarantee you’ll love it! It is not spicy as it looks like, it is sweet powder.

  • 6 P.M. – Jalopy Jr

Jalopy is a community of arts center focused on traditional roots of music from around the world. It supports local and traveling artist and educate those that are new to this type of music and culture. Jalopy showcases people’s music from around the world. For example, Mexican Son Jarocho, to Gypsy Jazz and African Cora music. It is a place to share time with your fellow peers or family and share the love of traditional roots of music. You’ll also be able to see all the different displays of instruments.

  • 9 P.M. – Nieves Tia Mimi

Don’t forget before you leave to make a quick stop at Nieves Tia Mimi in Sunset, Brooklyn. Nieves Tia Mimi is a Mexican cultural dessert. They sell different type of icies, such as, mango, lemon, pineapple, coco, melon, and much more. Everything is there for you. It is a desirable dessert because it is unique in Brooklyn. Their prices depend on what you want. They also sell Chamoyadas, Mangonadas, and many other creative desserts. Chamoyadas and Mangonadas are roughly $8 and regular icies are $2 to $6, depending on the size you desire. It is not any regular icies that are sold in the parks or in the corners of the streets. Therefore, I encourage you to make a quick stop and enjoy a real Mexican Icey. I recommend you to have a Mangonada since it comes with various of fruits.

  • 10:30 P.M. – Il Fornetto Italian restaurant

Continue your day with an amazing dinner at the Il Fornetto Italian Restaurant. Enjoy live classical rock music performance. No matter what your quest is Il Fornetto gorgeous waterfront will enhance customers visit. Wine is the most desirable drinks in the restaurant. The Wines are from Italy, California, and France with a decent price of $8 to $9 per glass. Their menu contains of various plates such as Insalate, Raw Bar, Antipasti, Del Mare (from the sea), Pasta, Carne, and much more, but it’s your chose to pick the perfect dish! Do not forget to alert the waiter of any allergies you may have to prevent foodborne illness.


  • 10 A.M. – Fishing in Sheepshead Bay

Start your Sunday by fishing in Sheepshead Bay, but do not forget to call if you want a private fishing charter! If you do not have your own fishing pole you can make a quick stop at “Bernie’s Bait and Tackle,” you can get the set for $20. Fishing does not only provide source of food and work, but also a community and cultural identity. Fishing also had an effect on all major religions because they needed to participate in fishing excursions. Fishing is a way to have fun, relax, and a way to learn survival skills.

  • 11:30 A.M. – New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium is the only aquarium in New York City and part of the enormous network of metropolitan wildlife parks in the country. The admission is $11.95 for three years and over. Be sure to experience the 4-D theater, penguin feeding, and sea otter feeding. Humans beings differ from animal in the extent to which they create, sustain, and participate in culture. Do not forget to watch the dolphin’s performance!

  • 2:30 P.M. – Luna Park

After exhibiting the animals, are you ready for some fun? Coming out the New York Aquarium make a left and in two minutes you should be able to arrive to Luna Park. Luna Park is an amusement park where there are many attractions of rides, numerous games, eateries, and retail kiosks. One of most popular ride in Luna Park is the “Cyclone Roller Coaster ($7),” because it was built by wood and it was the first ride built.


Sleep Inn Coney Island is located in 134 22nd Street Brooklyn, NY, 11232. In order to make a reservation you can call (347)-415-8388. Sleep Inn has great values of elements and amenities that helps guest feel relax. They offer free morning Medley breakfast buffet with hot and cold options. They include free Wi-Fi, fitness center, and free weekday newspaper. For a one-night stay, it could start from $214. The price value depends if the hotel has promotions when you reserve a room.


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