36 Hours in Brooklyn Waterfront

36 Hours in the Brooklyn Waterfront, New York

By Eric Chin Dec 6, 2015


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Coney Island both a historical and cultural is one of the most well-known leisure and entertainment spots in Brooklyn during the summer time. Many people with various reasons often come to Coney Island whether it be hanging out with friends at the beach, enjoying the rides and attractions at the amusement park, or even just going out to have a walk on the famous boardwalk. Coney Island is a bustling place during the summer time overflowing with diverse attractions, people, events, and history that you won’t be lacking.


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  1. Having a bite 3 P.M

Visit the first and original Nathans that started its fast food restaurant chain to have a taste of the genuine article and see why it became so famous. Though the Nathan may not have the most beautiful or expensive food it is delicious comfort food that only takes 5-10 minutes that you can eat sitting down or on the run. A regular hotdog cost $2.95 or cheese fries cost $2.85, these reasonable prices are easy on the wallet while also being worth the wait with its delicious taste and hearty portions.

  1. Boardwalk Stroll 5. P.M.

After having a bite to eat why not take a stroll on the famous Coney Island boardwalk with has a great view of the beach, amusement parks, and seaside shops along with the sight of various tourist and residents of the city while looking at anything that interest you. Expanding over 3 miles of sandy beach you can walk all the way out to locations with less shops and buildings for a relaxing stroll while also enjoying sights like the beach and the city from afar.


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  1. Watching a movie 6 P.M.

Wish to relax after taking a stroll around the beach? Well during certain days Coney Island hosts its own drive in theater events and showing selected movies on the beach, pull up a blanket and sit down and enjoy the movie for a while along with others and enjoy the movie. The movie is projected on the beach which lets you have a great view of the ocean and the various activity still going on during the night time while also enjoying the movie.


  1. Fireworks at night 8 P.M

After finishing wandering around Coney Island you can sit down relax and enjoy the fireworks, at about 8 P.M. as you wait for the fireworks crowds of tourist and residents will often gather at the boardwalk filling up the boardwalk and beach as they try to get a better view of the firework while vendors will walk by trying to sell you items or souvenirs to celebrate or remember the event. Once the fireworks finally starting firing in the air they don’t stop firing for another 10 more minutes as others starting taking pictures or recording the event to remember or share with friends and family.


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  1. Waterfront Pedal Stops 11:30 A.M

The waterfront “Pedal Stops” is an event that offers free cycling classes, teaching bike maintenance skills, bike maps and information on cycling in New York City and hang out with others. It is also includes mini workshops that offers to help fix your flat tires.

  1. The Brooklyn Environmental Education Center 1 P.M

Open for free during the during the weekends the Environmental Education is a 250 gallon aquarium filled with various fish from the east river in an effort to teach the residents the importance and beauty of preserving the environment. It is an interesting exhibit showing you the local fish that you normally would not be able to see.

  1. Lukes Lobster 2:0 P.M

Serving a variety of rolls and fast seafood, Lukes Lobster is known for its delicious lobster rolls that cost about 16$. After buying some food at Lukes Lobster you can walk around Brooklyn Bridge Park and relax while enjoying the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and all the bustling activity that is happening.


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  1. The Waterfront Museum 3 P.M

Using a historic River Barge that has been restored it is a one of a kind museum that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, mostly because the River Barge is the only surviving model around. The Waterfront museum teaches you about the history of the waterfront including a collection of various shows and programs meant for the younger audience which also entertains and educates them about the history of the Brooklyn Waterfront.

  1. Barge Music 4 P.M

Barge Music is a congregation an assortment of musicians that you don’t want to miss. Many famous and aspiring musicians gather to play on a floating barge free of charge while also spreading the culture of music all over the Waterfront while bringing people closer by having them gather to watch and listen. It’s easy to find free music all over New York but nearly impossible to find good free music which is why Barge Music formed, too spread the joy of music with everyone in the city.

  1. River Café 7 P.M

Top off your adventures of exploring the Brooklyn Waterfront by heading over to the famous River Café, located at the barge at the base of the Brooklyn should you ever decide to splurge some cash while you’re at the waterfront than head over to the River Café. Renowned for its offering a superb service and food alongside a stunning view of the river at night you are welcome to go, although there is a dress code requiring appropriate clothing and footwear you won’t you decision of visiting the River Café and trying out the food and view.


Hotels that are located conveniently while also being a good deal is hard to come by. Luckily There are too great hotels located between Coney Island and the Brooklyn Waterfront such as the Park House Hotel and Avenue Plaza Hotel The Park House Hotel located at 1206 48th St is a beautiful Boutique hotel offering kitchenettes, plus free wifi and a delicious kosher meal for those that have different food preferences. The Avenue Plaza is a hotel with conservative rooming also offering free wifi and kitchenettes along with balconies and a buffet.


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36 Hours In Beautiful Brooklyn!


36 Hours in Brooklyn







Justin Kwok

HMGT 1101

Prof. Goodlad

December 10, 2015



Brooklyn is home to some of the most exciting, interesting and unique places in the world! Things from eating at an expensive restaurant to catching a Nets game, from trying imported or domestic beers to watching the gorgeous sunset on the beaches of Coney Island. Brooklyn offers an endless amount of activities to try and to even scratch off your bucket list. Brooklyn is the most popular borough in New York City. There are tons of attractions to experiment all around. Let’s go explore!




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Smorgasburg?             11:00AM

Let’s start our journey in wonderful Williamsburg! “The quaint streets are lined with inventive New York Restaurants, roof top bars, eclectic shops and throngs of people flock to the waterfronts for flea markets and giant food bazaars during the summer”. I recommend you to check out the Smorgasburg, which is made up of food truck vendors that offer a variety of high price dishes. If money isn’t an issue, then you should definitely try it, because it offers a lot of ethnic backgrounds from American to Asian dishes. It is perfect around this time of the year to visit, warm friendly environment and since its outdoors, you’re able to be one with nature. The price per dish should be as low as $5 and as high as $20 but that’s for an authentic lobster roll. The people who attend these places usually have money and the vendors are usually really nice!



ART!                2:00PM

After you’ve murdered your taste buds, feel free to visit Brooklyn’s Art Library which is near Williamsburg and enough time for you to enjoy yourself because it closes at 7:00PM today. This is a place where artists from all over the world get to show off their own personal pieces! “There are over 10,000 sketchbooks drawn by many different artists”. Please take the time to enjoy and admire the works of others. Also you can “nibble on the free chocolate samples at Mast Brothers next door!” This is good for eco because it brings people to visit and explore art. It also helps local and foreigners to showcase their amazing talent.



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Museums are not boring!                   5:00PM

This is a great place not just for Jews! To improve your knowledge of ethnicity, enter the Jewish Children museum, you must pay a fee of $13. You can do many activities of all ages, “such as learn and explore Jewish history and heritage in a stimulating and interactive environment”. “There will also be hands on exhibits that focus on Jewish holidays, biblical history, Jewish life and many more”. Lastly they offer a 75 seat audiovisual theater and miniature golf. This is a fantastic place to learn history and to bring out your young and social side.



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Nothing like Pizza in the Big Apple                 8:00PM

Feeling hungry? Good! This is a great pizza place near the museum. This place uses a brick oven to cook all its food. They offer much more than just pizza. Of course they offer the typical foods such as pizza, garlic knots and heroes, but they also serve unique toppings like caramelized onions, anchovy’s, kale and seasonal veggies. They also sell a wide variety of sides, drinks and salads. Now that should boost your energy right back up! This establishment has fair prices on the menu and seems to have well trained and educated staff. Also its eco to use a brick stove than an oven to save gas and is much healthier. Plus you can’t leave New York without trying some pizza!



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Body Booster!                         9:00PM

You had an amazing day and now you’re tired and ready to relax! With a short walk and $129 you can stay a night in a 3 star hotel on 235 Meeker Ave. it is one stop away from Manhattan so it’s convenient to get to and from other places. They offer parking, breakfast and wifi for free! Yes I said FREE! It’s also accessible for handicaps. It’s luxuries for a 3 star hotel and offers amazing accommodations for people of all ages. The workers are professional and express friendly attitudes. It has a very light and calm ambience.


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Luna Park, Coney Island               10:00AM

After you wake up from a great nap, take a nice warm shower and eat breakfast. You can take a train to Luna Park which is located in Coney Island. It’s an amusement park that gives each individual a unique experience. This falls under eco tourism because the park was made to attract and invite guests from all over the world to have fun and to enjoy their stay in Brooklyn. It is located next to the ocean so while the sun is beating down on you, you can enjoy the warm weather with a cool ocean breeze. It is “442 acres wide” which raises concern and problems with mass population and an increase in pollution. They are increasing staff to keep this place clean, fresh and beautiful. It’s also a great chance to create new friendships with complete strangers and to enjoy the fabulous weather with the nearby beaches. Playing in the water and getting a well deserved tan or just reading a book, relaxing. Lastly you can pick up a famous Nathans hot dog from anywhere around Coney Island. There are shops and carts located everywhere!


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Game Time               5:00PM

Congratulations! You just scored some sold out Net tickets for $450 per ticket. Tonight they are going against the Los Angeles Clippers. They aren’t big time rivals but they both represent 2 different coasts. By the way, Barclay Center is roughly a 30 minute walk from City Techs Campus. Jay Z is a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets and it has been reported that he paid 4.5 Million. It’s great if you have a combined interest in rap and basketball. Go Nets!

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Shopping!                 9:00PM

Before you go, make sure you check out this mall to purchase gifts for others and souvenirs for friends and family. They offer stores like Pink and Victoria Secret for the ladies and Old Navy and American Eagle for the men. You can also pick up some jewelry from Pandora or Zales. The workers are extremely nice and the mall is very clean. You can bring back clothing, jewelry and memories back home!



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End of your Journey!                    11:00PM

Lastly before you head back, you need to rest and relax. I know your feet must be barking, so I found a fantastic hotel 13.7miles away from Coney Island. It offers free wifi and breakfast for $136. Comfort inn is not the best hotel but it offers great service and all you truly desire is a big, comfortable bed. Goodbye and come back soon!





















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36hr on waterfront

36 Hour on the Brooklyn Waterfront

DeXuan(DK) Zhen December 9,2015

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The Brooklyn waterfront had become one of the greatest attraction from abandoned warehouse and empty pier. Now business is everywhere around the area and parks are been built. Many events and activity are taking place in the Brooklyn waterfront now that you can join with your family and friends. Definitely, a great place to visit where you can grab a cup of coffee or food from vendors or fancy restaurant.


Take a walk, 12 P.M.

The waterfront bridge park is located along the BQE between Joralemon street and Grace Court. Visiting the park will bring you the enormous view of New York where you can see the side of the Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge. There are also many activities inside the park such as basketball, school program, volleyball, fishing, boating, and especially the Jane’s Carousel. The waterfront bridge park is totally worth it to visit.


Photo Credit: Julienne Schaer

Volunteer on the boathouse, 2 P.M.

Are you interested on kayaking? Well, the Brooklyn bridge boathouse needs a huge amount of volunteered every week. They require no experience and they will train you everything you need to know. Don’t that sound cool? You get to learn things about kayaking for free and gets to help them to set up the event. Kid or Adults are all welcomed, so this also can be family gathering event. It’s easy to attempt, you sign up and then you will receive an email and lastly you show up and ready to go!!


Photo Source: bbpboathouse.org

Bar, 2 P.M.

A drink is a perfect way to end a day. Grand Ferry Tavern is a cocktail tavern that serves proper cocktails, oyster, and heartier fare. It is located at 229 Kent Avenue at Brooklyn. The price range for the menu is about nine dollars to thirteen dollars. The tavern has old fashioned design and beautiful decoration. it’s comfortable and clean with relaxing music that keep you in a relax situation. Let’s grab a drink at Grand Ferry Tavern and finish up your day.


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Coffee, 8 A.M.

A good coffee can make you day energetic and beautiful. Brooklyn roasting company offers a variety of coffees beans and some baking goods that is perfect for breakfast. The coffee shop has an old fashion design and coffee machines that are use to bake coffee beans. A great experience to be in this coffee shop where you can see coffee process step by step.


photo source:brooklynroasting.com

keep it beautiful, 10 A.M.

A green team is a group of volunteer who keep the bridge park healthy and beautiful. It is a weekly volunteer group to take care of the group such as planting, mulching or removing invasive plants. The volunteer group meets every Saturday from 10 AM to 12 PM. Kids are allowed to join too, so it will be a great opportunity that you can help out the park and gather with family.


Photo Source: brooklynbridgepark.org

Food, 2 P.M

Smorgasbord is a significant food market in Brooklyn that serves many different people from around Brooklyn and the world. Foods that serve are represented different cultures. It is only open at Saturday and Sunday; I strongly suggesting the one that located at Williamsburg on Saturday. The reason is because of the location in William provide the great view of the Manhattan where you can enjoy your foods while sit down on the grass and relax in front of the city.


photo Source:brooklynflea.com


Grab and Go, 11 P.M.  

Luke lobster is a restaurant that located at the east village. It mainly serves rolls with lobster, crab and shrimp. There are no seats inside the restaurant, therefore, you will need to take the food and eat them outside of the restaurant. Which is under the Brooklyn bridge where you will sit on a bench and enjoy the food. The rolls from Luke Lobster might be a little too expensive, but it’s definitely fresh and tasty.


Photo source: http://lukeslobster.com

Volunteer on a boat, 1 P.M.

The waterfront museum is located in the red hook, the museum itself is a boat that is named Lehigh Valley Barge #79. If you are interested about the boat and how things work on a boat, you should join the volunteer group of the museum. Volunteer’s task is included woodworking, painting, organizing supplies and material. If you are interested it will be a great opportunity to work in a boat.


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Dinner, 8 P.M

After all the work you did for the day, you are totally deserving to have a great dinner with your love one. River Café is a great location that is surrounded with flowers and music, Of course, the view is totally beautiful too. Even though the menu might be pricey, but think it in a good way, you are here to relax and have fun. River Café will definitely give you a remarkable memory to you and your loved one.


photo source: The New York Times

 A place to stay

What is more important than to have a comfortable room to sleep after all? Traveling is as about experiencing new things and able to enjoy them at the same time. New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is located at 333 Adams Street. The price for a standard king room is around 335 dollars and you can check their service and access that come with the room from the website. Marriott is a well-known hotel brand. It might be more expensive the other hotels that you can find in NYC, but I think it’s more important to enjoy your trip instead of saving your money in the packet


.Photo Source: marriott.com




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