DLee Wiki Assignment Draft #1

I will be revising Action Poetry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_poetry

Action Poetry can be exhibited in the form of murals.  An example of such includes works by The Art Alley Mural Project (http://www.artsetobicoke.com/Art/Art-Alley.aspx).  Their work includes a painting of a specially commissioned poem by Poet Laureate, Dionne Brand onto a 1000 square foot wall in an alley in the city of Toronto.

Poetry Slam (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetry_slam#section_2) is another example of Action Poetry in which a competition is held where competitors would read or recite original works, while being judged by selected members of an audience.

Action Poetry books are also available which showcase different written works of Action Poetry.  One of these books include:  Action Poetry:  Literary Tribes For The Internet Age by Levi Asher, Jamelah Earle, and Caryn Thurman.

Literary Kicks (http://www.litkicks.com/ActionPoetryHome) is a website dedicated to Action Poetry in which users would post original work.  Users can comment on, respond to, or add to works posted.

So Much Gone

by: Poetpunk

“Once a bright eyed
young fool obsessed
with the sky,

Once a
punk kid
with stars in
his eyes,

Now who is he?

The stars are fading
into sorrowful
lights that only see
the misery and woe
of the world
while the heart weeps,

The boy
now 22
but not a man
sees suffering
but ending it
seems an impossible task,

He keeps fighting
he wont ever
back down
but with so much gone
the war outside
makes the war inside worse,

So much hope gone
so much love gone
so much
so much
everything gone
leaving only
a mash of emotions
and a dying fighting instinct,

How does he keep fighting
with so much gone?”

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