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The poet Villard Denis was born in port-au-Prince, Haiti on December 2, 1940. Villard lives with his parent that owned the plantation which was limited near Laforesterie, an area in Port-au-Prince. When he was five, he had a delicate health. At age of six he enter his primary education in Colbert Bonhomme Course. At nine his parents had notice he had interest in drawing and visual art, they worry if this will distract from his studies. Unable to play with his friends due to his poor health, he reads


French version


Omabarigore la ville que j’ai créée pour toi
En prenant la mer dans mes bras
Et les paysages autour de ma tête
Toutes les plantes sont ivres et portent leur printemps
Sur leur tige que les vents bâillonnent
Au milieu des forêts qui résonnent de nos sens
Des arbres sont debout qui connaissent nos secrets
Toutes les portes s’ouvrent par la puissance de tes rêves
Chaque musicien a tes sens comme instrument
Et la nuit en collier autour de la danse
Car nous amarrons les orages
Aux bras des ordures de cuisine
La douleur tombe comme les murs de Jéricho
Les portes s’ouvrent par ta seule puissance d’amour
Omabarigore où sonnent
Toutes les cloches de l’amour et de la vie
La carte s’éclaire comme ce visage que j’aime
Deux miroirs recueillant les larmes du passé
Et le peuple de l’aube assiégeant nos regards

English version


Omabarigore the town I created for you
Taking the sea in my arms
And the landscape around my head
All the plants are sated and hold their springtime
On their stems that the winds stifle
In the middle of forests that resonate from our senses
Awakened trees that know our secrets
All the doors open with the force of your dreams
Each musician has your senses for an instrument
And the night a necklace around the dance
For we make fast thunderstorms
To the arms of refuse
The sorrow falls like the walls of Jericho
The doors open only with the force of your love
Omabarigore where rings
All the clocks of love and life
The map shines like this face that I love
Two mirrors collect the tears of the past
And the people of dawn besiege our sight


sources ( – translate with google translate), (Biography adapted from “Chronology” Rodney Saint-Eloi, published in Anthology Davertige Secret (Montreal: Memory ink fountain, 2003): 147-151.),

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