A thought for another

This week’s assignment was very different. I like that we are allowed to express our thoughts and ideas regarding the course and other courses. It’s not all just memorize and repeat in different words, so I find that welcoming. I posted a comment in the course, Survey of Art, regarding┬áMedieval┬áMonastery. What I found mind numbing was the way the blog poster referred to the actions of the Monks. They expressed their actions quite exaggerated and I found that provoking, but deceiving at the same time. I’ve always seen human recorded history as quite exaggerated. We live through it quite simply, but record it quite┬ádramatically. I question if it’s the boredom of reading such simple writing that makes history more appealing if it’s approached in a more entertaining form.

The experience of going to another course’s blog and posting a comment I find is a great way to unify individuals. People sometimes get so occupied with their own thoughts and ideas that they forget to appreciate the thoughts of others. Commenting on other people’s thoughts is a great way to make others see their perspective and even change the way they see life. To those who seek deeper revelations, they will will be found in places you never looked, like the thoughts of others.


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