Medeival Monastery

I enoyed this exercise, I commented on an ARTH class. One blogger wrote about the monasteries. I just added my knowledge on the topic. I noticed that Kris had also commented prior to myself. I like history and I especially love art history. I guess being an immigrant, I just love watching how other parts of the world lived long ago. I have been enjoying my own art history class but I had to comment on the monks because I see them everyday but didn’t really know their roles in the monasteries until recently. They were ranked at the bottom of the pyramid where the Pope was on top and in between there were Bishops, Deans etc. but they basically were responsible daily for cleaning, washing, cooking, farming, building and still had to find time to worship. They were the “Help”, except that they were able to advance themselves and become doctors, lawyers and so forth. Anyhow, I see them very often in my neighborhood but they do not engage so I figured this was interesting to me.

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    Thank you! Can you include a link to the site on which you posted? Also, please check your spelling!

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