Assignment for Thursday

For Thursday’s class, we’re going to move a bit away from poetry, narrowly defined, in order to do some experimentation with the platform we’re using to study it this semester — the OpenLab.

As you know, the OpenLab provides a space for many classes at City Tech to take place in an open, networked space. The idea behind it is that for too long, our classes have been sequestered from one another in walled-off spaces (both physical and virtual). The OpenLab provides a means for connection — between classes, between students, between the learning that a single student does in multiple classes. It’s an experiment in open education.

Your assignment for this week is to find, explore, and take part in another class on the OpenLab. You can find a full list of courses here, and you can search for specific disciplines or subjects among them. Once you’ve chosen a class, check out its interactive spaces, especially its blog (you can find it by clicking “Course Site” on the course homepage).

Once you’ve read through some student work, I’d like you to join the conversation that the class is having by leaving a comment on a post on another class’s blog. Your comment should:

1. Make it clear that you’re visiting from another class;
2. Explain why you find the post interesting/provocative;
3. Provide a substantive response to the post.

THEN, I’d like you to wait a day or two (if possible) to see if you get a response to your comment before writing your own blog post here that explains what this experience was like for you.

So, to recap:

1. Find and explore the blog of another class on the OpenLab.
2. Write a substantive comment in response to another class’s blog post.
3. Wait to see if you get a response.
4. Write a blog post on our own blog to reflect on this experience.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments. And have fun.

UPDATE (3/26/12): Please include a link to the place you commented, if possible. If you have questions about how to do that, please let me know.

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8 Responses to Assignment for Thursday

  1. nicamarie says:

    The four courses that are up don’t really have discussions going on. 1 is private, 1 have virtually no discussions, 1 has only one post that I can’t really comment on being that it’s in relation to the class and the last one doesn’t seem interactive. Just the professor posting assignments and midterm reviews.


  2. Prof. Gold says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “the four courses,” since the courses page I linked to above lists a total of 179 courses . . . . Please try browsing through them to find one to engage.

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  4. redd says:

    I did make a post onto Bio course, but no one commented on my post and I am still awaiting for a response. Overall it was fun commenting on another course because it expand the horizon on different courses and discussion out there.

  5. Prof. Gold says:

    Thank you, redd, but please follow the directions in the assignment and put up a longer blog post to complete the assignment.

  6. dlee says:

    Professor, is this the last assignment youve given us as of the 3/27 class? Also, I did this assignment earlier this week but I cant find the post that I made to link it to you. It was in a photography class.

  7. dlee says:

    Okay, I found the link:

    Also, I noticed people posting “My Thoughts” Blogs, is that the assignment for this week again? Im a bit confused…

  8. dlee says:

    Nevermind Professor, please disregard the above two posts…

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