The Silken Tent

During our class discussion about the significant words in the poem The Silken Tent I chose the word bondage. Honestly, the main reason why I chose this word because its literal meaning has such force and strength. Reading the poem was initially quite confusing. I was not sure what the author was talking about and who it was directed to. Fortunately, the class discussion lessened my struggles with the poem. Although I’m still trying to fully analyze the poem, I believe its about a woman who is in a relationship with a man but is bonded to all of her past’s “skeletons”.

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2 Responses to The Silken Tent

  1. jsylvesterd says:

    This is an interesting interpretation, while in love she may feel guilty of her actions with her past loves and unable to move on. Or she may feel in bondage because she is in love with someone else although she enjoys his company. I am unsure how this interpretation applies to the rest of the poem, but I am open to exploring it.

  2. sandyboo24 says:

    I agree with interpretation in a way because I also believe that it is a woman in a type of relationship which she was bonded to but i chose the relationship between a young woman and her parents holding her down to tight that she couldn’t get away and explore.

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