Gold in the Ore: 3/8

I find it amazing how one poem can have a different meaning depending on the individuals life, situations or culture. Your meaning of the poem can simply come from picking the word that stands out most to you. From sitting in class you come to realize how confusing a poem can get from listening to different points of views but at the same time it opens up your mind to think more and dig deeper into the poem, which is something I’ve never done before.

The use of objects or indirect thoughts is something that can evoke many interpretations. For example in the poem “The Sick Rose” that we did in class. The rose can be a woman or it can be a regular rose. Being sick can mean something that you want but you can’t have because its not good for you or physically feeling sick. Also we tried to establish who the narrator was but no one person can conclude or come to agreement on one thing. The narrator could be a gardener or the rose thinking to itself and the list goes on and on. This all comes to show that poetry is a piece of writing that is written in the form of lines, verses and rhyme scheme to give off different emotions and meanings depending on your way of thinking.

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  1. windyj says:

    I agree with this post. It’s true that all of our own meaning of a poem can help us to better understand it. And the meaning for us can derive from different experiences. Some of us have had such wide definitions while others imaginations may not be as vivid.

  2. mchave says:

    I also agree with this post. One’s interpertation varies from person to person. Given that everyone’s view are different depeneding on social class, culture, and life experiences. We see this in class when discussing a poem. For example, when discussing The Sick Rose many agreed and disagreed at what the sick rose could possibly be. Although there may be many disagreements and interpertations it is with this that we conclude what the poem is about.

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