Gold in the Ore

At the beginning of this poetry class I really didn’t know much about poetry. I always thought poetry was just a few lines that rhyme, have meaning and is supposed to cheer you up. My favorite chapter so far was chapter four “Double Vision” because it opened my eyes to anti-poetry which I knew nothing about.  “Beauty” by Walt Whitman was an excellent poem that displays anti-poetry because it compares one event to another to get a point across even if the imagery isn’t pleasing to the eyes. In chapter 7 the end of the first paragraph made an interesting statement, “More brain space is needed for the mouth than for all the rest of the body except the hands.” I agree with this statement because we all speak a lot and we have to think what we want to say and how to portray our words before doing so unlike other , our mouth also works our brain daily when we eat after all we only taste what we think we are tasting if that makes any sense. Maybe someone has another opinion on the above quote.

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