Assignment 3/8

What I find the most interesting about our class discussions so far are the amount of interpretations and the difference ininterpretations of poems from my various classmates. For example- The Sick Rose by William Blake. My interpretation of this poem was simply that the rose is a woman who’s is love with someone who’s not good for her. I was amazed by the self destruction interpretation of the rose and the worm being one.

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2 Responses to Assignment 3/8

  1. Joju Qu says:

    I felt that I was on the same page in the beginning of the discussion. I was getting the vibe that the Rose was in a relationship with the Worm in such a way that neither the Rose or the Worm knew about the negativity that the Worm was inducing.

  2. ashleygp says:

    I completely agree with you. I believe that so far my expectations of the class has been met. With poetry, there is always a discussion about the different perspectives of a poem. I hope that there are many more discussions to come in this class. It is very refreshing to hear how people view the world, especially through poetry.

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