Poetry: an emotional experience


The color of thought has introduced us to the role emotion plays in poetry. Our minds and body react to poetry bringing forward a wide range of emotion.  The chapter discusses how it’s possible to have predispositions to certain emotion. The term the author used to describe such a phenomen is Archetypal image. A term for those images that affect us in a more powerful way than any other experience; some example of these can be birth of an infant, death, love and guilt. These emotions move us because of their importance throughout history. Perhaps within poetry itself we can experience those emotions. Although we are yet unable to describe emotion, we know what it does feel like and how those feelings influences our lives.

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2 Responses to Poetry: an emotional experience

  1. emily says:

    So poetry is what lifts us and/or puts us down, in your opinion? That poetry is the starting point of all emotions?

  2. dlee says:


    I think windyj is referring more to the ability for us to experience emotions through poetry and not necessarily that poetry is the starting point if all emotions.

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