Class Notes – 3-6-12

sick – 6
destroy – 5
bed – 1
invisible – 5
howling – 1
rose – 1
worm – 1
secret – 1

roses — associations – with love/romance/ or death
contradicts idea that roses are supposed to be beautiful
sick – physical/mental – change in mood



rose and worm as one — poem describes self-destruction
first line — speaking to self

invisible worm — jealous love

invisibility – suggests figure unaware of what’s going on — gives the poem a lot of power

lovesickness as a tape-worm

alcoholism — something you love destroys you from within


overpowering influence poisonous to that thing
ex. rose as rainforest, people as worm

stuck – become what the secret love makes you by

Other Approaches
— History of the language
—- researching what words meant at that time

— Author
— Biography
— Love life
— corpus body of work/genre

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