Round Up

This post is a first responder post by mandyj92, it defines the terms simile, metaphor, allusion, and synesthesia. These definitions are given through references of specific poems such as Emily Dickenson’s “My Life Had Stood- A Loaded Gun”. The bloggers perspective of these literary terms is that they broaden the horizon of the poem from a written perspective into a visual one.
This post is a seeker post by red; it includes a Youtube video by a sixth grade language arts class. This video gives the definition of simile and metaphor then gives a variety of pop artist song clips and asks you to identify the similes and metaphors heard.
This post is a first responders post by sze.h, it defines the terms simile and metaphor. The blogger examined the example “time is money” which was listed in the text and made reference to the poem “The Silken Tent” by Robert Frost to further clarify the definitions.
This post is a seeker post by LG29; it is a simplistic Youtube video that relates to the reading. This video discusses the definition of similes and metaphors by using a comedic cartoon skit.
 This first responder post is written by Victor. It provides examples and definitions of the terms simile, metaphor, imagery and personification.
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