Seeker: “Whats it Like”

Hello everyone, I am a seeker for this week and I posted a website that basically summarizes figurative speech expressions in simple terms. I selected this website because it gives reasonable definitions and examples that will further explain each term.  This website was developed by a high school professor trying to teach students the different topics related to poetry. It also displays pictures next to examples along with links that can help you in other areas of literature. I will give you a quick sample of a definition displayed on the website, “A simile makes a comparison between two things which are unalike. Again, you have probably done this and not even realized it. The kicker on this one is you have to use the words like or as. Here are a couple of examples; The muscles on his arms were strong as iron. As easy as A.B.C. As easy as pie. As fat as a pig. As fit as a fiddle.” I found this website helpful, I hope it helps.



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