Please post THESE THREE PARTS–this is to do during class today–please post after class to get credit for class today:

Please post what GENRE you will write in for the UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT and please explain why you are drawn to this genre. What is this genre known for? How or why do you think that this genre will be the best one for your topic/ideas from your Unit 2 assignment? Where do people usually find this genre? Feel free to look online for examples of the genre to answer these questions.


Please choose one quote from the story “Speech Sounds” that you think conveys some of the most important ideas or the main message of the story. Please explain how and why this quote shows this main message. Why is it so significant in the story?


Please do the same thing as we are asked to do with PART 2 and the Butler short story with at least one other text that we read from Weeks 9, 10, and 11. Please make sure to say what text you have chosen, its title, and author when you quote from it and discuss it.


  1. Eshal

    PART 1:

    The genre I chose to write for the unit 3 assignment is horror, this is because the topic I chose in my previous assignment was somewhat related to this genre and also because horror is sometimes fun because of the thrilling/anxious feeling it gives us when we read or see a show related to this genre. Horror is known to have jumpscares to startle the readers/audience to gain a reaction out of them and typically explore around death, ghosts, evil, demons, etc. Horror tends to be in thriller type of books and movies which people tend to go towards when looking for this genre, especially movies. 

    PART 2:

    The illness, if it was an illness, had cut even the living off from one another.” This quote stuck out to me because it shows just how helpless they are all feeling with this “illness” of not being able to communicate. They feel as though that even if they use body postures or any other type of gestures it’s not really enough to clearly communicate with one another and that the void of not being able to communicate properly is very depressing and empty. 

    PART 3:

    I chose the text “self in 1958” by anne sexton and a text that really stood out to me was “What is reality to this synthetic doll who should smile, who should shift gears, should spring the doors open in a wholesome disorder, and have no evidence of ruin or fears?” To me I think this quote is trying to convey a message of how this doll (women) is supposed to not show their ruins or fears but instead should always be wholesome, happy, and obeying. But how can they be truly happy if they can’t even show their emotions of their own will? When can they let out their real emotions and feelings without getting bashed? When can they truly control themselves and their lives without being the ones that are controlled? Women are always told from a young age to be displayed like a porcelain doll, obedient, elegant, and with no decisions of their own, never given the opportunity to do show how they really feel and wish to do things. 

  2. Julio Verdugo

    The genre i will use for the unit 3 assignment is a twitter thread Im drawn into this genre because of how much of news and information we see now online rather then a book or on television its all more now just on your phone and in an app. This genre is known for letting any person speak their thoughts as well as popular news stations famous people etc. I think this genre will be able to speak out of my topic/ideas from unit 2 since ive already seen multiple twitter threads about my topic so people are engaging in conversations about it. People usually find this genre on any electronic device.

    The quote that stood out to me the most is “There was no more LAPD no more any large organizations governmental or private. There were neighborhood patrols and armed individuals.” This quote shows one of the main messages as now in this society that their is no simple effective communication anything that can be done simply by communicating isn’t able to happen that is why their is no more organizations. It shows how simple communication is actually very very important in a society.

    I chose the text about “What Psychology is getting wrong about narcissism” The quote that stood out to me the most is “your relationship with a vulnerable narcissist may require that you look for those additional qualities suggested in that broad range of dysfunctional traits even though the person’s outward behavior may put you off completely” This stood out to me because when you encounter a person with narcissism you think of them as an ugly annoying person without really trying to understand if its really their fault for why they are like that and if theirs anything you can do to help them out. Not every narcisstic person are the same all have their different traits as to why they are like that and it’s best to try and find out their traits to help them get any help they need rather then just finding them annoying and rude.

  3. fayzah

    Children’s books are the genre I decided to write about for the unit 3 assignment because the topic I selected for my previous assignment was somewhat related to it, and because reading or watching shows in this genre can sometimes be exciting due to the thrilling/anxious feeling they evoke. 

    ‘The illness had stripped her, killing her children one by one, killing her husband, her sister,her parents. . . . . ‘This passage demonstrates one of the key points.the sense of helplessness they are all experiencing due to this “illness” of being unable to speak. They believe that their lack of ability to speak effectively leaves a hole that is incredibly dismal and empty, and that their use of body language and other signals is not really enough to communicate with one another clearly. 

    I selected Anne Sexton’s text “self in 1958,” and one passage in particular really caught my attention was Since childhood, women have been taught to be like porcelain dolls—elegant, submissive, and devoid of agency. They are never allowed to express their true selves or their desires. 

  4. Nour Bahlool

    the genre I decided to use is a poem. This genre is based off of stanzas that will explain certain aspects of my topic in a different way. This genre will be the best for my topic because it will explain it in a an informative way as well as a way that is not so serious where people of all ages will be able to understand it.

    “She wanted to tell him, but she shook her head sadly. She had lost reading and writing. That was her most serious impairment and her most painful.” This quote expresses the main idea of Speech Sounds because it explains how painful it is form a characters point of view to lose their language and not be able to communicate with each other. it also expresses how that character would rather be in an apocalyptic state as long as she has her ability to communicate.

    I chose “Self In 1958” by Anna Sexton. “to this synthetic doll who should smile, who should shift gears, should spring the doors open in a wholesome disorder.” This quote describes the main message of the text since it talks about female oppression and how women, especially in older times, were treated. In Sextons example, like a doll.

  5. Elina

    The style I chose to introduce for my topic on “How do security guards in prison systems take advantage Of their power?”. I chose an interview because I am interviewing a former prisoner who speaks about the neglect him and other inmates faced from prison guards. Interviews are usually ways to talk to people who had a different experience than the average person would have. It’s important for people to see the humiliation and neglect inmates face from people who are supposed to be professional and making sure the prison is in order

     The quote that stuck out to me was “She wanted to tell him, but she shook her head sadly. She had lost reading and writing. That was her most serious impairment and her most painful.” This quote shows how helpless she felt as she did not have the ability to speak and communicate. Communicating with people is how we express our thoughts and feelings, without that it is very easy to become depressed because you feel like you have no say due to the unfortunate situation.


    I chose a poem called “Self in 1958” by Anna Sexton. The reason I chose this is because the author uses personification and metaphors to express how a woman was supposed to act in the late 50s. The author describes women as a plaster doll that has to be picture perfect and following order. She explains this by saying “Someone plays with me, plants me in an all electric kitchen…”. The author ends the poem by saying “What is the reality to this synthetic doll, who should smile, who should shift gears.” This shows how women weren’t allowed to have their own opinion and had to follow orders from other people rather than listening to themselves.

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