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After doing your annotated bibliography, what idea/concept in your research stands out as most important and why? We can then choose this to use/write about for our UNIT 3 assignment. Why do you think that people should learn about this/these ideas? Are there particular groups of people or academic fields that should learn more about these ideas? Why?


  1. Rosdnier Grullon

    The idea and concept that stands out to me in my research is that dogs can detect cancer. I think people should learn about the idea that dogs can detect cancer because it’s very important to know how useful dogs can be. Doctors should learn about this because it can be beneficial for them to know whether or not there patients have cancer if they have dogs by there side.

    • Leigh Gold

      Fascinating, and yes, so important!

  2. Eshal

    After doing the annotated bibliography I find the fact that most serial killers experienced childhood abuse that led them to kill and become killers important because this shows just how much abuse of any king is overlooked and not taken seriously, if they got even a little comfort or help maybe they wouldn’t have done what they did. People should try to learn how to help out others who are getting abused. CPS, cops, and the parents themselves should learn more about this. CPS and cops tend to overlook and not dig deep into seeing if a child is getting abused at home when their parents put on a fake facade eventually leaving them in that horrible environment. Parents should know how their abuse is affecting their child whether they know if what they’re doing is bad. Hopefully less children or anyone really get abused, either emotionally or physically.

  3. Elina

    A concept that I learned that fascinated me in my topic is how security guards mistreat inmates in prison. A lot of the times security guards take advantage of their power and humiliate inmates. This is a topic that’s important to inform people about, specifically, prison systems because there needs to be a security check or more cameras in facilities. So many stories come out about humiliation or abuse from security officers, Its becoming way too common.

  4. fayzah

    After doing the annotated bibliography I find the Social media has become more dangerous lately, and not realizing this and drawing a red line for these apps will yield results that will surprise us all in a completely negative way. Social networking sites are more dangerous than they seem, and none of these programs have our best interest at heart. It is our duty to be extra careful with who we trust and give our information and photos to, because many if not all of them sell our data to companies to hit us with targeted advertisements. We must inform teenage girls that these platforms will push the unrealistic images harder than the realistic ones because that is what gets the interaction and prolonged attention that keeps these companies afloat. We must motivate them to take ownership of their emotions and see right through the manipulation of the makers of these platforms, and some of the sick people present on them.

  5. Shannel

    An idea or concept that fascinated me the most about my topic “How does social media impact body image on adolescents”. Is how much of the world conformed to these ideals that there is only one form of beauty.This topic is crucial because it clarified the factors and pressure that can negatively impact the wellbeing and self-esteem of young people. By being aware of this concept, we can attempt to make the atmosphere more welcoming and beneficial for all.

  6. Shannel

    I believe children and there parents should learn more of this topic so that they can be educated on the affects that the media can have on mental health and take per-cautions of them and monitor there child’s screens to make sure they are not being exposed to such things.

  7. Kimberly

    Most important thing that I found in my research is how sleep greatly affects our day to day lives. I think people should learn about this because many of us don’t think sleep is that much of a big deal but it is and really affects how we may feel or deal with emotions especially as a college student. College students have different classes, with many assignments and sometimes with other course deadlines overlapping. It could be very stressful and without proper sleep it makes it much more overwhelming.

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