Please post your responses here about the chapter that we read by Douglass, Chapter 7 in his Narrative.

Here again are the questions from WEEK 2 AGENDA:

Who is Douglass? 
What is the context for this piece? (clue: it is a slave narrative) 
Who is this piece for? 
What is the reason for writing this text?
What is the focus here?
How would you describe Douglass’s language?

PLEASE ALSO: choose one quote from the Douglass text that stands out to you that you can post here–what about this quote stands out most? How does the quote relate to the reasons that you believe that Douglass wrote this text?

PLEASE ALSO: take the quote that you chose from Malcolm X’s text from the Week 2 Agenda and post that here. What about that quote stands out to you?

What about all of the readings that we have read about education can you personally relate to?