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Week 2: Understanding the term “Education Narrative”

For Tuesday:

NOTE: we are now asked to have all of this completed by Tuesday, September 12th.


  • Read “The Memory of My Grandmother” (City Tech student essay) by Anita Jiang.
  • Read “Chapter 7” from the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass. PLEASE see the SCHEDULE tab for the correct link*


  • Read and annotate “The Memory of my Grandmother” by Anita Jiang, using Bunn’s reading questions. Make sure that you are clear about what these questions are–please see his essay and carefully find these.
  • Jiang’s Technique: Choose one technique that Jiang used in her essay to bring you into her story. Was it effective? Why or why not? Please write this down to bring to class.

For Thursday:



Please bring these to class–these can be typed or handwritten.

  • Douglass’ and Malcolm X’s Techniques: Choose one technique each author used to get his ideas across. Was it effective? Why or why not? Please bring this response to class–this can be handwritten or typed.
  • On the same page/in the same document as the above response: Create a “double-entry journal”: in the left hand column, write the quotes. Then in the right hand column, explain why it reminds you of your own learning experience (whether that experience was in an actual school setting or elsewhere). Please see below for how to respond.
Direct QuotePick one quote from each of the readings we did for homework. Choose a quote that reminds you of an experience that you have had. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same–just be sure to pick quotes that you relate to in some way. Thoughts/ReflectionsReflect on why you chose this quote. How/why does it remind you of your own experience?
Malcolm X Quote
Douglass Quote

Please see the DISCUSSIONS SECTION under student work to answer more questions:

Some questions are here below AND you will see them ALSO on the DISCUSSIONS SECTION.

Speaker Who is Douglass? 
OccasionWhat is the context for this piece? (clue: it is a slave narrative) 
AudienceWho is this piece for? 
PurposeWhat is the reason for writing this text?
SubjectWhat is the focus here?
ToneHow would you describe Douglass’s language?