Building a tissue box (the “Diversity” way)

I was follow team Diversity way to make a tissue box. And I prepare supplies needed include a thin piece of cardboard, a writing tool, a ruler, Scissors, Glue, saran wrap and tissue.
First I follow the tissue box diagram instruction, and use pencil and ruler draw lines and cut out the template. After success build up a tissue box diagram, remain steps are very easy. Cut an oval-shaped opening on side 2 and Fold side 1 along the dotted line. Repeat both steps then on the inner side of side 2 apply glue around the opening. Attach a piece of saran wrap over the opening. The wrap should be slightly bigger than the opening and a have a slit down the middle. Last, make sure apply glue on the outer side on flaps and gently tuck all the flaps in an glue them together.
I was spending like 7 minutes to finished build a tissue box. Diversity way instruction is simple and easy to let me build a tissue box.

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