Week 6 Assignments (Mar 4-6)

Please see below for your weekly assignments:

Monday, 3/4


  • Tech Writing 101 – Chapter 7 – Writing Task-Oriented Information (pp. 109-126)


  • Create a blog post that provides step-by-step instructions (with images, notes, etc.) to one of the following:
    • a very simple procedure (ie., tying your shoelaces)
    • a task you love
    • something cool that more people should know about
    • a productivity tip (think Lifehacker)
  • Add your name/photo to the class list doc in our group if you haven’t done so already

Wednesday, 3/6 – NOTE: class will meet at the CUNY Graduate Center (34th/5th Avenue) in room 4108. If you can’t make the session, please email Prof. Gold


  • Too Big to Know: Chapter 4, “The Expertise of Crowds” (pp. 47-68)


  • Write a short blog post speculating how you might reconceive of your step-by-step instructions if you were writing them for a crowd or to take advantage of crowd-based knowledge
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