“The assumption in the following quote is, in short, that the Internet is making people stupid.

The Internet is an unedited mash of rumor, gossips, and lies. It splinters our attention and spells the end of reflective, long-form thought.  Our children don’t read any more. They certainly don’t read newspapers.”

The author wants state that internet turn people away from the right thing to know. It has also stopped young generation to read newspapers. I believe that the knowledge has no limit, and then we learn every day, however, we never come to end of the knowledge. Every step of the life we need to learn more to make our life better. It is true also the way we learn from the Internet it far to be a useful knowledge for us, because we can see a million and a million of information in a minute. However, it is not everything of this information we need to know. For example what a little boy at age of eight to twenty have interest to learn how to shut a gun. It‘s very good to learn because someone said “knowledge is the power”, it’s the key of the life. That is why Good recommend to mankind to learn. However, we have to learn what we need, so we can control our knowledge. The knowledge is the information we receive then we use them to get a benefit. When we learn something that can destroy our life that is not thing we suppose to know. However, it is that kind of thing the teenagers learn from the Internet.

The Internet is easy way to learn and it’s more practical learning than reading on a paper because we can see the images like watching a movies. However, when we read on the papers, we learn thing under the imaginaries world, so we have to analyze careful in order to understand better what we are reading. Also, information on the papers is limit and well restrained. It’s not going to overcharge our brain. However, the Internet information is overloaded, it’s not filtrated. The brain is full of the useless data. Therefore, filling the memory by unnecessary thing, it’s waste of time. We are not supposed to learn beyond our resonance capacity otherwise it can provoke mental depression. One person doesn’t have to know everything as we refer to the title of this book the world is “too big to know”. Even at school the professors don’t teach one semester program in the one day, otherwise no student can understand. That’s the Internet try to do in this new revolution scientific. The worse is the kids learn every bad behavior from the Internet. For example, it informs them about the drogues, the violence, and sex.

In conclusion, the knowledge is good, but we have to learn what we need. It’s not good to have all information, because some of them can spoil our life. Then, I think we don’t want to get involve to those. The internet has destroyed the future of our teenagers. They learn every bad character from it. Therefore, they forgot everything they learn from the school and from their parents at home. Finally, they become the losers. They cannot control any more what they have learned freely. Also, they cannot be control by their parents.

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