Assignments Week Six

Homework Assignments

• Reading Assignments

1. Please complete Chapter 2 in your text Digital Media Primer.
2. Please read the these two articles on the Nets logo. From the Huffington post:
From the Classical:
And review the Nets site itself at
3. Please read the article on the Microsoft logo at
4. Please listen or read the article from NPR this past week about the picket line at the Oscars, at
5. Read the article about Sheryl Sandberg and Getty Photos and Gender at

• Writing Assignments/Other Projects

1. Work on your visual quote assignment as it is due this coming week. Remember, the specifications you are working with for your design are 8.5”W X 5.47”H, the specs for the oversized postcard on the Vistaprint site we visited. So, please keep that in mind when developing your concepts. These first set of  concepts will be revised and worked on again so don’t worry about them looking perfect. You can present them as sketches or as PDF files from Indesign. If they are sketches, they should be done to the correct size and you can take photos of them with your phone to submit to OpenLab and bring the original sketches to class.
2. Work on refining your logo design and polishing your home page introduction. Also, we will be having our quiz on typography on March 18h so you should begin studying for it now. Try testing yourself to see if you can identify typeface classifcations in the products you see around you and be sure you know the glossary of terms in the Adobe Type Primer. You should know not ony the definitions but how to recognize/identify the term in in various layouts. See links in Blackboard for additional type resources.

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