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This week we will be discussing the history of the graphic communications field. We select as a starting point begin with discussing the world before the invention of the printing press. We will then review the process invented by Gutenberg in 1455, today know as Letterpress printing. We will take a look at letterpress printing on youtube, reviewing the Hatch press video and Apple’s use of letterpress for greeting cards.

We will examine together pages of the Gutenberg bible available online at the University of Texas Ransom Center and dissect these pages visually, asking questions such as “how does the type on these pages look the same as books we read today–how does it differ?”; how is the text organized?; “how would you describe the imagery in the Gutenberg bible?” Where are the page numbers?”.

After this examination, we will move into groups and use the internet and work in groups to research and attempt to construct a timeline of key events in graphic communications. post-Gutenberg.





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  1. Michelle My

    Within all 4 articles to be read, I found the UConn Husky Logo to be my favorite. I never got the chance to realize how important logos are and can be the most significant way to be remembered. Being a college student myself and seeing the idea of school mascots and logos, it’s more than just a representation of any CUNY’s or SUNY’s. UConn, specifically, looked for a logo to be “athletic, determined and aggressive” focusing on the idea of a powerful husky to represent not only their college, but also their students and faculty. (What’s best is that they teamed up with Nike!)


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