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Assignments/March 18th

•       Homework/Reading Assignments

1.      Study for your quiz on typography next week, March 25th. It will cover classifications of type and the typographic terms listed on your handouts and readings and you will have at least one short answer question that will ask you to use your terms and analyze the use of typography in a particular design layout.
2.         Please read the Xrite Document on Color called “Color NTK_newPDF”
3. Read the Before & After article Finding the Perfect Color in Documents/Week Nine Folder on Blackboard.
4. Review Chapter 2 in Digital Media Primer, especially sections 2.7 through 2.10.
5. Review the video “How to Create a Pantone Color in Indesign” at Please select a Pantone color for one of your quote concepts. If you are doing your concepts already in indeisgn, prepare one file in Indesign for a Pantone instead of a Process color.

•         Homework/Project Assignments

1.  Post your visually enhanced quotation project on your openlab site in your academic examples page. Be sure you have a written description for each concept as to why you think each concept aptly conveys the meaning of your quote visually. Please see screen shots on blackboard to confirm how to set up the correct page size in Indesign if you are doing your designs in that program. This quote project will be due April 1st. I am giving you one more week to work on this so you have more time to study for your Typography quiz, which will be next week.

2. Find an example of a design in promotional or editorial materials that you think uses color to communicate effectively, post an image of  it on your openlab site and analyze its uses of color using some of the terms discussed in class. Is it using RGB or CMYK color or both? Warm or cool colors, etc.? Bring materials to class next week.

Assignments/Week Seven

• Reading Assignments
1. Read the Mohawk Paper Basics Guide
2. Read Sappi Publication on Preparing Files for Print.
• Writing Assignments/Other Projects
1.You should have your 3 visual quote concepts completed and ready to present in class on March 25th.This will not be your final presentation of this project but you must have 3 prepared and ready for your first “client” presentation..
2. Order samples from or from or another one of the paper companies provided in your Course document folder on paper. Bring in the samples to class when they arrive.
3. Please find one interesting design or resource that you found on a paper company web site and post on your open lab blog page about it.

Assignments Week Six

Homework Assignments

• Reading Assignments

1. Please complete Chapter 2 in your text Digital Media Primer.
2. Please read the these two articles on the Nets logo. From the Huffington post:
From the Classical:
And review the Nets site itself at
3. Please read the article on the Microsoft logo at
4. Please listen or read the article from NPR this past week about the picket line at the Oscars, at
5. Read the article about Sheryl Sandberg and Getty Photos and Gender at

• Writing Assignments/Other Projects

1. Work on your visual quote assignment as it is due this coming week. Remember, the specifications you are working with for your design are 8.5”W X 5.47”H, the specs for the oversized postcard on the Vistaprint site we visited. So, please keep that in mind when developing your concepts. These first set of  concepts will be revised and worked on again so don’t worry about them looking perfect. You can present them as sketches or as PDF files from Indesign. If they are sketches, they should be done to the correct size and you can take photos of them with your phone to submit to OpenLab and bring the original sketches to class.
2. Work on refining your logo design and polishing your home page introduction. Also, we will be having our quiz on typography on March 18h so you should begin studying for it now. Try testing yourself to see if you can identify typeface classifcations in the products you see around you and be sure you know the glossary of terms in the Adobe Type Primer. You should know not ony the definitions but how to recognize/identify the term in in various layouts. See links in Blackboard for additional type resources.

Assignments/Week Five

• Reading & Audio-Visual Assignments – Due March 4th
1. Study for your quiz next week on the history of Graphic Communications–Gutenberg to Google. Be sure to review your readings on Gutenberg, your lecture slides on print history, the video on internet history and know key individuals who were involved in the evolution of our field such as Tim Berners-Lee, Aldus Manutius, Alois Senefelder, Otto Merganthaler and what the contributions they made were and how their innovations impacted the way we communicate.
1. Please read pages 24 through 33 in the the second Chapter in your text, Digital Media Primer. 2. Review your Type Classifications at 3. Read Introduction to Blogging on the WordPress site at
4. Read First Steps with WordPress at
• Written & Project Homework –
1. Work on your visual quote assignment and be sure to have three concepts by March 11th.
2. Continue to find samples of each classification of Typeface discussed in our class lecture in children’s books or magazines or packaging between now and when we next meet. Take photos, try to identify them and post them on the blog section of your site.