Assignments/Week Five

• Reading & Audio-Visual Assignments – Due March 4th
1. Study for your quiz next week on the history of Graphic Communications–Gutenberg to Google. Be sure to review your readings on Gutenberg, your lecture slides on print history, the video on internet history and know key individuals who were involved in the evolution of our field such as Tim Berners-Lee, Aldus Manutius, Alois Senefelder, Otto Merganthaler and what the contributions they made were and how their innovations impacted the way we communicate.
1. Please read pages 24 through 33 in the the second Chapter in your text, Digital Media Primer. 2. Review your Type Classifications at 3. Read Introduction to Blogging on the WordPress site at
4. Read First Steps with WordPress at
• Written & Project Homework –
1. Work on your visual quote assignment and be sure to have three concepts by March 11th.
2. Continue to find samples of each classification of Typeface discussed in our class lecture in children’s books or magazines or packaging between now and when we next meet. Take photos, try to identify them and post them on the blog section of your site.

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