Reading Assignment: February 4th

As I read the articles, the one that really interested me the most was the article regarding company logos. With what I read, I never really gave it much thought about how significant a logo was to a company that would want leave an everlasting impression on customers, and for one thing, catch their eye and make them want to buy that product. Like with Coca-Cola and Kelloggs, both well known brands today have had those designs of their names for many, many years, with people knowing exactly what brand it is and lead to them wanting to buy their products. With that in mind, it also makes me think of the logos of things I love, such as Marvel Comics, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Resident Evil, etc that I can instantly recognize what they are by their respective logos and icons that represent them.

One thought on “Reading Assignment: February 4th

  1. tgoetz

    Glad you enjoyed the article and perhaps it would be a good idea for you to take one of the logos of the companies you love and research that for your logo history assignment due next week. All the best,T. Goetz


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