Brooklyn Borough-Wide Queer Prom

Queer Prom Event

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A promotional event flier for the Brooklyn Borough-Wide Queer Prom Event A promotional flier for the Prom Court Contest

Date: Friday, June 14th, 2024

Place: Kingsborough CC Mac Rotunda

Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Dress Code: No dress code – But be inspired by the theme Lavender Wonderland!

Enjoy a night of celebration and fun! There’ll be Drag & Burlesque, Food, a Photo Booth, a court contest, and so much more! "</p

Tell your friends to RSVP (For Free) by June 10th.  RSVP IS REQUIRED!

AFR 2250 Course Information

AFR 2250 Black Women in Literature

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Online – Asynchronous
Professor: Todd Craig
Credits: 3.0

A survey course to examine a variety of literature themes covered by Black women writers. Students will learn the subject of race, gender, sexuality, and class. Students will also examine the experiences of women of African descent by studying speeches/talks, narratives, essays, novels, poetry, short stories, and plays. Themes like equality, exploitation, girlhood, migration, motherhood, labor, power, nature, trauma, and love will be studied throughout the course.

HEA 2112ID Course Information

HEA 2112ID The Evolving Face of Race, Class, & Gender Identity

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This image is a digital flier with a green background that contains a silhouette of the United States and an image of a history globe with books. The flier has information about the HEA 2112ID Course.

In Person (Tuesdays 2:30PM – 5:00PM)

Room: N-417

Professor: Debarati Biswas

Credits: 3.0

This course examines the sociology-historical, cultural conditions, and gender constructs of marginalized cultural and racial groups in America. Students will focus on Blacks and other Indigenous cultures and populations, such as Native Americans and Mexican Americans. Topics include slavery/genocide, racial/cultural blending, integration/segregation, economic deprivation, the impact on public health and mental health, and shifts in gender identity and cultural roles.

ENG 2160 Course Information

ENG 2160 Intro to Women’s Studies

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This image shows a pink and orange hue background with a silhouette of a woman sitting at a computer. The image is a flier that describes the ENG 2160- Intro to Women's Studies class.

Online – Asynchronous
Professor: Monique Ferrell
Credits: 3.0

This course focuses on literature, scholarly writing, and films that focus on the roles of girls and women and determine if women themselves or others (external forces, individuals, or social systems construct definitions of womanhood. Students will analyze texts by both men and women and address themes such as womanism, stereotypes, feminism, violence, politics, intimate/familial relationships, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and prescribed and evolving gender roles as they relate to girls and women.

AFR 2000 Blacks in Media Course Info

AFR 2000 Blacks in Media: Race, Gender, & Cultural Representation

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A promotional flyer with a beige background and texts that explain what the AFR 2000 course entails. At the top left corner is a brown fist image, and at the top right corner is an image of a film roll.

Two variants: LEC D070 & LEC D071

LEC D070:

In Person (Tuesday’s 2:30PM – 5:00PM)
Room: N-1107
Professor: Dionne Bennett
Credits: 3.0

LEC D071:

In Person (Wednesday’s 2:30PM – 5:00PM)
Room: N-1107
Professor: Dionne Bennett
Credits: 3.0

This course explores the dialogue between Black Media representations and the cultural, social, and historical experiences of  African descent. Students will learn about the different roles of media representations of Black individuals. Students will analyze the diverse media forms such as film, television, digital media, visual arts, literature, music, radio, and performance.

COM 2406 Fall Course

COM 2406 Gender & Health Communication

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A promotional flier that shares information about the 2406 Gender and Health Communication Course.

Two modes:

First variant:

In Person (Monday’s & Wednesday’s 10:00AM – 11:15AM)

Professor: N/A

Room: N-1018

Credits: 3.0

Second variant:

Online-Synchronous (Tuesdays 2:30PM – 5:00PM)

Professor: N/A

Credits: 3.0

This course explores current healthcare practices, experiences, and systems that both affect and are affected by gender norms. Students will learn how gender-based communication practices affect people’s everyday decisions and choices in medical care.