HEA 2112ID Course Information

HEA 2112ID The Evolving Face of Race, Class, & Gender Identity

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This image is a digital flier with a green background that contains a silhouette of the United States and an image of a history globe with books. The flier has information about the HEA 2112ID Course.

In Person (Tuesdays 2:30PM – 5:00PM)

Room: N-417

Professor: Debarati Biswas

Credits: 3.0

This course examines the sociology-historical, cultural conditions, and gender constructs of marginalized cultural and racial groups in America. Students will focus on Blacks and other Indigenous cultures and populations, such as Native Americans and Mexican Americans. Topics include slavery/genocide, racial/cultural blending, integration/segregation, economic deprivation, the impact on public health and mental health, and shifts in gender identity and cultural roles.

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