Many Gender & Sexuality Studies courses at City Tech are Pathways certified and can satisfy Writing Intensive (WI)* and Interdisciplinary (ID)** degree requirements.

Individual and Society

ENG 1773ID Weird Science: Interpreting and Redefining Humanity (WI)

AFR 2000 Blacks in Media: Race, Gender & Cultural Representations (WI)

AFR 2250 Black Women In Literature (WI)

World Cultures and Global Issues

ENG 2160 Introduction to Women’s Studies (WI)

ANTH 1103: Gender, Culture and Society

Creative Expression

ENG 2150 Introduction to Women’s Writers(WI)

ENG 2170ID Introduction to Studies in Maleness and Manhood (WI)

US Experience in its Diversity

ENG 2180 Studies in Identity and Orientation (WI)***

ENG 2190 Expressions of Identity: Representations of Gender and Space in Literature (WI)

COM 2406 Gender and Health Communication(WI)

Free Electives

HEA 1100 Human Sexuality

IS9010/ID Interdisciplinary Independent Study

HUS 3630 Diversity and Intersectionality

HEA 1108 Women’s Health Issues


*Writing Intensive courses require a minimum of fifteen pages of writing per student, including formal and informal writing assignments.

**Interdisciplinary courses are taught by more than one faculty member from two or more departments using either team teaching or a guest lecture model.

***All students enrolled in the Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor must take this course.