City Tech’s Fashion Open Call

Fashion Futurists, English, and African American Studies presents “Supa Dupa Fly: LGBTQ+ Hip-Hop Til Infinity”

The image is a promotional flier for City Tech's Fashion Show Open Call. The flier has information about the open call, such as the Zoom meeting link, time, place, date, and open call applications.

There will be an Open Call on Zoom February 15th & 16th at 7PM

Open Call for:

Apparel Designers                                                        Hair Stylists                                                        Seamstress & Tailor

Models: Male & Female                                                Social Media Marketing                                      Set Designers

Makeup Artists                                                              Sound & Light Techs                                          Graphic Designers

Event Moderator                                                             Photographer                                                    Event Management


Zoom Link: https://US02WEB.ZOOM.US/J/81037066229?PWD=CG41NHDSVTBIQKZSR2X1Z25JYKDWQT09