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Gender & Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary cluster of courses, sponsored by the English Department and housed in the School of Arts and Sciences, that explores issues of gender and sexuality from various perspectives. In addition to five core English courses, the cluster in Gender & Sexuality Studies includes interdisciplinary agreements with African American Studies, Health and Human Services, Humanities, and Social Science. Students can take courses that focus on humanity, sexuality and sexual orientation, studies in gender identity/roles, representations of genders in literature and film, among other course themes. All courses are open-ended; as such, the course syllabi and themes may vary from year to year.

Many Gender & Sexuality Studies courses at City Tech are Pathways certified and can satisfy Writing Intensive (WI) and Interdisciplinary (ID) degree requirements. Gender & Sexuality Studies courses at City Tech can also contribute to a bachelor’s degree in LGBTQ Studies through the CUNY Baccalaureate in Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (CUNY BA).

Gender & Sexuality Studies is a scholarly expertise that provides a bridge to careers in healthcare, the law, education, journalism, writing (academic and creative), the arts, and social issue advocacy, among other professions. Students who find City Tech’s Gender & Sexuality Studies concentration appealing will find no shortage of Gender Studies academic programming options within the City University of New York. CUNY colleges such as Hunter, Brooklyn, and York, among others, offer unique academic opportunities (certificate or degree) to further study within the discipline. Additionally, colleges and universities nationwide offer undergraduate and graduate programs which allow for the pursuit of meaningful and impactful careers that change the world around us.

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Dr. Ruth Garcia, Interim Point Person AY 2020-2021

Dr. Laura Westengard, Point Person