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During the course of this semester, I feel that I have grown mentally as well as academically. I started college with high expectations as to how things would go. Over these view months my work process has improved because I have accomplished a new sense of discipline when it comes to completing assignments. As soon as a new project was assigned, I found my self brainstorming and planning out the timing and hours that I would have to devote to the work. There were numerous times that I had to turn down my friends on weekends because I knew that I couldn’t balance all of these things. I spent 2-3 hours a night writing out and revising work for the projects and asking questions where I found instructions confusing. I realized that college was nothing like high school because I would try to apply my self to my work, but still find it difficult to get an A. I was willing to re-work assignments that I felt had too low of a score because I wanted to start off my first semester with a high GPA. Somethings I think I can work on is adding more information when required, and using more descriptive language to help readers understand the text. I believed that I excelled at planning out and executing assignments in order to hand them in on time. I did a good job at answering all the questions asked,and following the guidelines that are provided. One thing I can tell my peers about my work, is that it will not stop improving over my college career because I know there’s always room for improvement.

Project 4 Reflection

For this project, I realized that I have a new found interest in the environment around City Tech. I would have never guessed that there were such a large number of activities that could be done on the way from the school, to the train station.  I feel a sense of accomplishment now that I have discovered my own route that emphasizes happiness . Like the previous project, I was able to become familiar with the area. The difference in this case, is that it goes more into depth by pointing out all of the pleasant routes that I would prefer.

It took about 30 minutes for me to find a suitable route that I could use for this work that would be interesting for others to take. The first direction I went in,was toward the Metro Tech Center because I already had an idea of what I wanted the walk to consist of. I had to stop multiple times to think about what my next move should be. This wasn’t easy, considering the fact that it was 25 degrees that day with high wind chills. I knew I had to mention that people should aim to take the walk when the weather is more on the mild side. I believed that I excelled at describing the aspects of my walk in the pitch. These descriptionsgave it such a happy vibe. I felt that this was important because my interns should have a vivid image in their mind of what I am trying to convey, so that they themselves will want to talk the route.  On the day that I took the walk, my cellphone camera seemed to be having a problem capturing the images that I needed to apply to the pitch. As a result I was forced to take photos another day, with which it happened to be raining. However, if my route is chosen for this app, participants can choose when the right time is to make a move for the walk will be.

BHS Field Trip Reflection

In today’s class we visited the The BHS on Pierrepont St, In Brooklyn. This trip was a different experience that allowed me to see first hand primary resources, as well as photos to go with them. In the wonder exhibit, I applied the things we have learned such as the rule of thirds or a juxtapositions into the pictures that we have seen. There was one particular image that I found interesting during the walk. This frame consists of a cemetery filled with tomb stones and tall city buildings that can be seen in the distance. I immediately saw an overlap. In my opinion, the cemetery represents death were as the buildings in the distance depict civilization or flourishing life. 20141110_133647

Project#3 Reflection

This project has brought out more of a creative side to my work. I honestly never would of thought of doing something such as a collage that would take as much planning as it did. I found that the painting portion of the collage was difficult for me because I could not get it to fully resemble the original collage. However, physically cutting out pieces of my picture to create a form of abstract art was time consuming. But in the end you get what you want and would be satisfied with it. In my opinion the photo shop creation of my collage was the most fun once I learned exactly how to work with the program.

Project 1 reflection

Before this project, I would just look out my window and think nothing of what I say. This allowed me to take something so simple and see it through a completely different perspective. I’ve had the same view out that window for years and have never taken a minute to observe the simple things that are right outside.  In my opinion, the inking portion of the project was better for me to complete than the cut out piece. I feel that I had more control of what I was trying to accomplish with my work. My cut out could have been more precise with cleaner curves and edges. This was because I was just getting used to the tools I required, therefore some parts didn’t come out the way I intended. This project has taught me some things that I applied to project 2 and 3 but I’m always open to improvement.

Project#2 Reflection (Mash-up displays)

This project introduced me to an unfamiliar concept that an individual can display the sound of music onto paper. First, we did a class demo where we listened to two different kinds of music. The first was Stegato which is a more loud and rough course music track. The next was Legato which is more monotone and flows more calmly. We then translated what we heard onto Bristol paper in the form of shapes and lines that would depict whether it was stegato or legato. When we created the mash-ups of these pieces, I was able to explore this concept into more depth which allowed me to get creative. Throughout each stage of this project, I felt that there was a significant connection that helped us to gradually understand music more, in a different way. There were aspects f the projects I think I could of done differently such as the inking mash-up. My edges could of been a little more smooth as I was told in the critique. The feedback that I received can only be used to help in my work in the future. Now that I know the specific things I can work on, I can display major improvement for the following projects.

Project#2 Reflection

For project 2, my juxtapositions consists of two different structures that are from two different times of New York. In the picture that was posted, you see an old church building to the right of the shot on Remsen street. In the far distance you will spot a tall silver skyscraper with hundreds of floors. As I stated in my project, this overlap was discovered by an accident. I was simply watching my back and looking up the block. I learned many things from my work in this project. For one, I was able to become more familiar with the environment around City Tech. I wouldn’t normally take a grand tour of the area on my own unless I were to get lost first. However, this project prevented major confusion while at the same time learning more about the city that I am from. I learned that as a writer, I have much improved in conveying my message to readers. With new vocabulary, I can apply greater detail for readers to understand and even imagine for themselves. I understood concepts that Whitehead wanted to convey such as the fact that every individuals New York is different. This means one citizen may  remember city one way, while someone else may be accustomed to an older version of the same city. They may not want to except that things have changed New York will never stop moving forward.

The completion of this project required a significant amount of time for me to complete the task. I spent approximately 2-3 hours a day planning out and refining my work so that it can pinpoint the questions that were asked. From this experience I realized the importance of spending time on your work. The more time and effort dedicated to the work, the greater the quality and depth it will be. For the next project, I will have to put even more time into my work, as if it is something for an interview. And if I don’t think the grade I receive is acceptable for me, I won’t hesitate to go back and correct it.